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hotrodbiker 21st October 2019 23:00

Xr1200 exhaust on a 91
I just got to ask has anyone fitted a Remus 2-1 from an XR to their XL ?
I have a Supertrapp on now but love the looks of the Remus .. however I would not trade looks for power , any input much appreciated

Davo_137 21st October 2019 23:54

Just looking at it I would think not, unless your bike has rear sets.
I have no idea of the exhaust port size difference between a 91 xl and the xr but the Remus doesn’t have a great reputation for getting a lot of power out of the xr engine. Some say it’s because of the stepped headers.A lot people do like the look though.

hotrodbiker 22nd October 2019 10:46

thanks Davo , exhaust ports are the same (99% sure of that ) and yes I do have rear sets , I don't think fitment will be an issue , other than a bracket for silencer , I have also read mixed reports on Remus performance , hoping to find someone who has a good set up with a dyno run to look at ..if possible !

Davo_137 22nd October 2019 14:13

Have you read this article?

This guy gets pretty good results from the Remus on the xr. But he can’t get the dip in the middle out of it.

I haven’t seen anything with an xl running the xr Remus though, you might be a pioneer if you go ahead with it.

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