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John Harper 8th December 2020 15:34

Okay, almost 250 miles now, and runs great!!! Received my custom timing cover from Tim the Grim and it looks awesome.

I think I'm pretty much done!


Highly-Dangerous 10th December 2020 17:47



John Harper 2nd January 2021 23:21


I guess she's officially "broken in" now!

Runs fantastic, no leaks, pings, or obvious performance issues, should be good for many more miles. Thank you, Hammer Performance!

Changed engine oil and filter as well as primary oil so she's ready to go. This has really changed the character of my bike.


sportsterpaul 3rd January 2021 00:16

Very happy for you John, may you and your ride enjoy many miles of smiles in this new year!

Pagey 3rd January 2021 02:18

Nice job John. I’m close to finishing my break in period

John Harper 4th August 2021 19:55

Here's an update, at 1100 miles:

Bike runs fantastic, no leaks from any gaskets whatsoever. Starts, runs, and accelerates like a dream. Better than when it was new!

Had a tiny bit of oil in the bottom of ham can but took Tomcatt's advice and dropped the oil level to near bottom mark (2.5 quarts total refill from now on). Last 80 miles seems to have no oil at all. Oil temps 205-210* which is just above what it ran as an 883, so no issues there.

Upped the mainjet to 190. Plugs already looked good, but I thought a bit on the lean side. After 80 miles on the 190 main, plugs look really good now, don't you think? 190/45 with 3 1/8 turns out on IMS.
The base rings are actually dark brown like the ground electrode, but look black in picture.

Looks like I got a good one. Thank you, once again, Hammer Performance!


sportsterpaul 5th August 2021 04:23

Sweet, John, really sweet, keep that wind in your face and enjoy the fruits of your labor!!!

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