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brucstoudt 31st May 2020 00:20


Originally Posted by CanadianTux (Post 4756117)
So many awesome ideas and tips in here! Such an amazing resource. THANKS to everyone who has contributed!

I had a brief look through the pages and did a search but I couldn't find anything about a homemade "Fork Spring Retainer & Pin Wrench" OEM 94694-52.

Has anyone had any luck getting their fork spring retainers out with out this tool?

I'm rebuilding my front forks and this little step has got me stumped.

Any ideas?


Originally Posted by brucstoudt (Post 4756213)
put an allen wrench in each hole [2],put a,box or open end wrench,between them,turn. if they're not frozen,this will work.

i had my forks apart again this week.a pair of needlenose pliers works even better for the fork spring retainers.

Ferrous Head 31st May 2020 01:52

You will run across spring retainers that are VERY stubborn.

I have even broken the removal tool trying to get some out.

I have had to apply heat to the tubes and hold them in a vice while swinging on a 1/2 drive socket to shift them

Clean the threads out as well as you can before you remove them. These ere a fine pitch and easily bunged up and damaged.
Put them vertical in a vice and pour a little penetrating oil in and allow plenty of time for it to work down.

These are possibly the worst designed forks I have ever worked on. Luckily, the provide little actual movement, suffer unduly from worn bushes, have no real damping to speak of and a fairly liner spring rate. Also, they are too weak for the job. Too small a diameter and to thin wall tubing means that if you do manage to get the brake working to 100% of it's capacity the forks will twist under braking.

So, they suit the rest of the bike perfectly.

ZTatZAU 6th January 2022 22:36

Oil & gen light bulb removal & installation
While working on my 73 XLH's charging system issues, I found it quite difficult to remove and install the oil & gen light bulbs with the headlight visor installed. I thought a small suction cup on the end of a stick would work well. I mentioned this in a thread and asked if anyone had any other suggestions; but received no replies.

I never found a suitably sized suction cup in any of my "stuff", but did come up with this solution...

The little blue condoms are actually called lamp booties and are used to change the color of instrument panel lighting for night flight. I happened to have several on hand, but a small circle cut from an old inner tube wouldn't be as convenient as these booties but would probably work just as well.

Once the bootie is pushed over the top of the bulb, the 5/16" nut driver is used to gently depress and rotate the bulb out of its horizontal locking slot. The loop of safety wire is then used to extract the bulb with the bootie installed.

Installation is the reverse, except for the last step. Once the bulb is inserted and rotated to the locked position, the small hooked end of the safety wire is used to snag the edge of the bootie and remove it from the bulb.

YMMV. If so, please share your method for removing and installing these little bulbs.

IXL2Relax 7th January 2022 03:31


Originally Posted by ZTatZAU (Post 5931631)
While working on my 73 XLH's charging system issues, I found it quite difficult to remove and install the oil & gen light bulbs with the headlight visor installed.

It looks like that would work good...

My thought would be to use a piece of shrink tubing, slid over the nutdriver end & over the bulb head, then heat shrunk to give traction...

On install, only put heat shrink tubing 1/2 way down on sides of bulb so it can be removed after the bulb is in place.

You might even be able to make a reusable tool with the heat shrink sized right and being 'expandable' over the bulb for both extraction & installation...

Depending on the clearance, a short stub of plastic tubing might also work...

:dunno - Never tried it... But anyone working with electrical wires, probably has different size heat shrink tubing...

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sungod 7th January 2022 15:33

2 Attachment(s)
Clutch hub puller #95960-52A

Attachment 21104

Attachment 21105

needspeed 7th January 2022 23:43


Originally Posted by IXL2Relax (Post 5931656)
..Depending on the clearance, a short stub of plastic tubing might also work...

Similar idea.

I've had success with a piece of 3/16 ID fuel hose. Made a shallow cut with a 3/8 drill bit to enlarge the opening a little
and cut 4 slits to allow the hose to wrap around the bulb. Putting something tacky on the hose for grip might help but I didn't need to. Push down and turn with the hose to unlock from the socket and then stick some tape on it to pull it out.

Crude but it worked for me.

ZTatZAU 8th January 2022 00:09

That'll work Needspeed!

I looked at a bunch of different hoses I had around, but anything that would fit down the socket wouldn't fit over the bulb. I never considered reaming out the ID to fit the bulb.

Whatever it takes to get it done! ZT

rocketnorton 8th January 2022 20:43

hose only needs to push down n turn bulb
tape to get it out

sungod 8th January 2022 20:45

1 Attachment(s)
If you are or know an electrician you can make this inexpensively.Attachment 21107

Andy Hog 10th January 2022 16:54

Sungod, am I correct in thinking that the light comes on when truing the wheel?

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