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dagsportster 25th June 2006 20:18

What's your opinion on windshields?
Just curious if you find them necessary at all or annoying at any speed. I don't currently have one on my Sporty, but on my last bike, it was more trouble than it was worth as the buffetting was worse than the direct wind. Still, I think the lack of a windshield keeps me off the highway. Not necessarily a bad thing (expect the freeway doesn't have 55mph intersections controlled only by stop signs).

What's your opinion?

Poll note:
25 mpg = 25 mph :doh
Sorry there's no cold-weather-only option. Just make a note in your reply.

maddog 25th June 2006 20:27

I feel it sort of belies the point of having a Sportster.

xllent01 25th June 2006 20:31

I have no opinion about windshields :frownthre except the extra fiber in your diet is good for you.:roflblack

Kinda takes the fun away from a sporty IMHO.

MNewYork 25th June 2006 20:52

Always ride with it BUT I think they look like crap. The few times I rode without one (friend's bikes) I was always glad to get back on my own scoot.

bearsfan 25th June 2006 20:52

I'm not sure why so many people have an issue with speed and no windshield? Is it because of a half or open faced helmet? I wear a full face helmet and drive the highway at least 3x a week, rarely if ever below 70mph. The only time wind is an issue is if it's a very windy day, and I'll slow down a touch to compensate. Windshields on a sporty just don't look right. As the xllent1 said - takes the fun away. If I want to be shielded from the wind I'll drive my car. :D

SportsterBart 25th June 2006 20:52

The poll doesn't have an option for "only in the winter" so I can't vote on it.


SteveK 25th June 2006 20:55

I have the small visor on mine but it doesnt protect from rain or wind although it does deflect some air. I suppose they would be a good thing for touring or riding in the rain.

Tuvan 25th June 2006 21:11

have a full windshield on the sporty i ride, and am damn glad to have it. Riding through the country around dusk when you pass a field all the bugs are in the road and w/o the windshield and only a t-shirt and half helmet the big beetles hurt like hell :laugh plus with the windshield not as tiring on long rides dont have to stay all crouched over when on the interstate and stuff. i like it and think the bike looks fine with it and makes the long stem mirros (so i can see behind me) look alright to, but maybe thats just me :dunno

Roadster_Rider 25th June 2006 21:36

"any speed over 25 mpg"? i dont know how my gas mileage makes a difference :roflblack

i dont use a windshield, and i dont need one, the wind doesnt bother me.

Dubfire 25th June 2006 21:42

Don't like 'em!

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