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SHAKY DAVE 17th May 2019 04:47

New WTF Happened
so last Monday I started to put new kibblewhite .002 over valve guides in my spare heads,i had a real problem a few years ago with the shop I used put in stock size guides when they were already .001 over.guides loosened up and almost left me stranded.chumps.had a friend put in .001.s .one in each head and was fine.i was lookin for a hone and my buddy said to use a Dremel to clean up the guide holes.cut down a grinding stone and overbored the first one and when I put the first frozen intake the sucker almost fell thru I about got pissed.any fix?hell i'll look for another late front head but what a bozo move on my part.guess my brain damage from my spill last july really gets me sometimes:doh:doh:doh

Iron Mike 17th May 2019 06:35

Bore the hole true and turn a new oversized guide.

brucstoudt 17th May 2019 23:10

in hindsight a ball hone likely would have worked quite well for that.i've already used one to open up a cast iron lifter block for a .005 oversize lifter.

SHAKY DAVE 18th May 2019 00:40

how big of a guide can I get?

brucstoudt 18th May 2019 01:01

it sounds like Mike is talking about having a custom one made to fit the o.s. hole.

SHAKY DAVE 18th May 2019 03:26

no dough for that.ahh well,need a head I guess

ryder rick 18th May 2019 05:30

It only takes 10 min in a lathe to cut down a larger guide.

needspeed 18th May 2019 07:43


Originally Posted by SHAKY DAVE (Post 5748911)
how big of a guide can I get?

Kibblewhite's catalog lists ironhead guides at .010 oversize. So there's 2 options.

Find a way to open the head to fit the +.010 oversize guide, or

As Ryder Rick and Iron Mike suggest,

Reduce the diameter of the oversize guide to fit the current hole in the head, provided you've got a true round hole.

ryder rick 18th May 2019 19:20

Ideally, Bore the guide hole concentric to the seat to eliminate the Dremel badness. A reamer may follow any offset from the Dremel handiwork.

Or at least ream it in a mill to get as close to concentric to the seat as possible, or the seat may need to be moved significantly to match the guide position. If one end of the guide hole is worse than the other you should ream from that side to avoid moving the guide hole any more than possible.

SHAKY DAVE 19th May 2019 05:59

thanks lathe or any other machine tools.i'll get a kibblewhite .010 over and see if I can make it work.maybe just maybe I can do this:)

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