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Critter65 18th October 2019 10:46

Need help desperately rewiring the front of my bike
Hello all.
Here is my dilemma a couple.of note ago a friends girl got mad at me and ripped the wiring around the headlight so to add more problems to a harness that has been butchered before now I have no idea what should be looped and what goes where if someone knows how to or what needs to be looped I would be most appreciative. Thank you for your time. My bike is an 87 sportster xlch 1200. When I got the bike the harness had already been cut up

Sincerely Critter Williams

sportsterdoc 18th October 2019 15:18

What wire colors are disconnected/severed?

HD has been quite consistent over the years in selecting wire colors based on the function they perform, although this practice was NOT ABSOLUTE in all models or years.

For example:

Blue wire was used for regular lighting power
Yellow wire was used for low beam headlight power
White wire was used for high beam headlight power

Turn signal wiring in this link:

vioLet is Left
bRown is Right

Maxeffort 18th October 2019 16:34

This should help.

HDCUSTMBUILD 19th October 2019 17:01


Keep us posted on how you get on, I recently rewired my XLC so can send you some close up pictures if required.

Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk

bustert 19th October 2019 23:39

be glad my friend, be glad
i had another friend that a PO'd woman axed his cherry bonneville gas tank. he cried for a week.

IanHealy 20th October 2019 09:36

Hi dear, feel yourself lucky that she is not your GF, I have a horrible experience with my GF. For a bike accident she left me ! you are really lucky about that. your game is not over yet.

sportsterdoc 20th October 2019 17:27

Critter65 has not responded to the post 2 question, nor thanked Maxeffort for the post 3 schematics, so why keep this thread alive?

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