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rottenralph 21st November 2006 00:43

How do buell heads vent???
I was just looking at a pic. of a buell head and realized that they have some sort of pvc valve on each valve cover. I read that xb heads had to be converted to breather heads somewhere also.

So, how do buell heads vent since they don't breath into the carb?

Is that a PVC mounted on the top cover and then routed somewhere else?

cjburr 21st November 2006 01:08

What year Ralph ?? My 98 S1W vents the same as my 06 Sportster. I don't know what kind of breather is under the rockerbox cover but they vent in the same place on the head.

rottenralph 21st November 2006 01:17

I am talking about buell xb heads. They are not drilled for breathers.

maddog 21st November 2006 01:31


Originally Posted by rottenralph
I am talking about buell xb heads. They are not drilled for breathers.

Good question Ralph..I'm curious myself.:smoke

milmat1 21st November 2006 01:46

Yea Good question, I would like to know that one.
Because I can't seem to satisfy myself on just venting it into the air, And Like all, I am not crazy about the oil mist being in my carb.
Maybe a real PCV system is in odrer ??

Roadster_Rider 21st November 2006 02:11

hmm, thats a good question.

rottenralph 21st November 2006 02:26

It is evidently an unanswerable question. I see l fittings on the tops in pics and I want to know if they are pcv valves. "Hello, Is there anybody out their? Just nod if you can hear me, is there anyone at home."

Here is a pic of an xb1200 motor. Notice the hoses on the top valve cover.

cjburr 21st November 2006 02:35

I looked on BadWeb and didn't see the answer either Ralph. I'm sure someone knows and will answer eventually.

Moved On 21st November 2006 02:44

I thought I read somewhere that they vent like the XR1200 prototype through the top of the rocker cover. Here's a pic Bert took of the XR1200 vent fittings from the show. :dunno


rottenralph 21st November 2006 04:33

Anyone out there have a buell xb manual to give us a better idea how they function.

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