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JCurry 7th April 2013 01:52

Starting Problem 2008 Sportster XL 1200 C
My bike won't start.

I have a 2008 XL 1200 C

While completing a bar change, key and coil relocation, tank lift, headlight relocate, horn relocate, and wire tuck... now I cannot start the bike.

Turn signals flash. Red key stays on sometimes and flashes sometimes. All electronics seem to work. But when I push the START button... nothing. I think it's something with the security system.

What I've tried:
Remote battery change/installed correctly - ok

Main battery charged - ok

Wire pinched, cut, or not plugged in - ok

Pin # for alarm system (11111) - not the correct code - don't know what the right code is - might be that

Tried to make the speedo tell me the code (based on a thread from here) - didn't work

Unplugging the main battery for a while to reset the system - no change

I've been reading and calling and posting and texting... even after calling the dealer (they have never heard of anything like this), I'm still lost...

I was told I DO NOT have to have the speedo or horn plugged in to have the bike run. Anyone know differently?


JCurry 7th April 2013 02:21

Can I reset the code completely myself or do I have to go to a dealer to that? I am not sure if that is the problem so paying for that without knowing seems foolish.

threat357 7th April 2013 03:10

True, you don't need the speedo or horn hooked up.
The generic code is 31313, not 11111. If you bought the bike from a dealer, call them and ask them what code they program alarms with at PDI. Shops generally use their 4-digit dealer number plus a 5th number.
You can program your code yourself using your turn signal buttons. It's set up that way so that you can set your own code without anybody else (dealer included) knowing what it know...for security reasons. Procedure is stated in the service manual.
Check your wiring again. If everything was fine BEFORE you started tucking wires and relocating things, and NOW you get nothing, there's your problem.
Does it click or anything when you hit the start button? Do you hear the fuel pump prime? Did you verify good fuses?

JCurry 7th April 2013 05:25

I'll try the other #'s...

I bought the bike at a dealer 2nd hand. Not sure where the bike was before that. I'm running through the fuses next. If I flip the RUN switch the fuel pump primes. Just when I hit the START button... nothing. Red key on the speedo lights and turnsignals flash repeatedly.

I'll try the #'s, check over fuses, and check over wires again to verify no problems there and see waht happens.

Thanks! I'll post what happens from there.

JCurry 7th April 2013 15:50

31313 didn't work. Gonna check the fuses. Someone else posted a thread for using the zip code of the dealer or all 7's or all 0's...

JCurry 7th April 2013 16:33

Ughhh... Looks like it will have to be a dealer check up for me. Damn. It's irritating that it worked and now it doesn't. Once this is fixed, the security is coming off. Seriously the worst design. And it's not like it would keep someone from just taking the bike, going to their shop, and just tearing the bike down. Sorry, ranting. I'll let ya know how it turns out.

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