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BlackBikeDave 16th November 2019 05:25

Cometic Valve Stem Seal Install?
Top end rebuild and first time cometic kit user. The valve stem seals that come with the kit are blue and don't have the metal cap covering like the OEM seals do. How do these cometic seals install? I saw a video of a guy just pushing it on with his fingers but compared to the OEM install this doesn't seam right. Any help greatly preciated'

Hippysmack 16th November 2019 05:37

This thread may be of help.

BlackBikeDave 16th November 2019 07:23

thanks, that's a great write up. It doesn't really help me see how the stem seals get installed though. Like I said, I saw a video where the guy just pushed it on but I don't know how confident I am of the cometic seals vs OEM where they have to be tapped into place.

BlackBikeDave 16th November 2019 09:05

A little Permatex Sleeve Retainer on the valve guide then press on the blue seal? I'm reading they are superior to OEM. Someone convince me?

Maxeffort 16th November 2019 12:38

Which seal do you have?

Maxeffort 16th November 2019 12:47


Originally Posted by BlackBikeDave (Post 5788707)
A little Permatex Sleeve Retainer on the valve guide then press on the blue seal? I'm reading they are superior to OEM. Someone convince me?

No permatex or other sealer!

Millions of these seals are in service on automotive engines. Metal clad viton seals are used in all kinds of OEM and performance/racing engines. They do a good job of metering just enough oil to lubricate the valve stem and guide.

BlackBikeDave 16th November 2019 16:05

VS Ha2V is what came in my cometic kit. I would be more confident had they been the bigger 1 piece unit. The ones I have just push on which does nothing to assure me they wont move. Manual says for OEM to use a bit of motor oil and tap down to within specs. I've seen old timers use the Permatex valve seal retainer on OEM before they get tapped down as well. How exactly do these blue cometics stay on? Are they installed with oil as per the manual or do they go on dry? All this rave about Cometic kits and extremely limited information from the company. I don't understand why they don't give installation instructions as these are completely different from OEM seals. I'm no expert mechanic but I am intelligent and very good at wrenching stuff. Cometic get your act together. Their kit wasnt cheap!

60Gunner 16th November 2019 16:16

I'm pretty sure the upgraded oem seals are viton. That VS Ha2V is for the 7mm and is what I used. Coat the stems with a good sticky grease and push them on. They should push on somewhat hard.
The old stock ones suck and are prone to leaking real early. Mine were leaking badly on my 05 with 27,000 miles.
Are the 03s 5/16 or 7mm?

Maxeffort 16th November 2019 16:54

I use lots and lots of this type of metal clad seal. As long as they fit the guide properly, I never have problems with them moving.

They just push on with resistance. I will tap them on with an installer. You can use a piece of tubing or socket, just be careful not to damage. (And not to drive them so far it distorts the seal). The friction and grip of the rubber holds them onto the guide.

I will install them dry unless they are really tight. (A little bit of oil on the valve stem. If I can push them on some of the way on dry and then tap them the rest of the way, fine. Sometimes they are very tight and I’ll oil them and have to be more forceful with the installer.

If they are so loose that you can easily push them on and then pull them off with you fingers, that might be an issue.

The metal clad seals that don’t have rubber inside, (metal to metal) have to be oiled and tapped into place.

(I’m referring to the press on type such as VS-709v , VS-HA2v)

BlackBikeDave 16th November 2019 16:58

60Gunner I dont know offhand. I just ordered the kit for 2003 xl1200c and got what I got. I did a top end 4 yrs ago 16k miles with the OEM kit and noticed, now that its apart again, the front exhaust valve seal was gunked up underneath and the valve stem is showing signs of heat wear. As I said I watched an old timer swear by the valve retainer goo and another used blue loctite on the OEM seals. I am straining my brain as to how these cometic just push on..and dry, lube or some kind of loctite? what is gonna keep them from just coming off?

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