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whispanic 5th September 2006 23:58

That would be the ONLY fastest man in the world title I would like to hold!



Matt 6th September 2006 00:04

Going really fast is really long and slow hard work with the trigger on the money gun set on full-auto. Great run! Matt

doc 6th September 2006 00:05

GOOD JOB AARON!!! Here are some results from the website that he linked for yesterday's results: 0604BUB Results
Check out Run 51 and Run 83!!! You guy's are awesome!!:banana :banana :banana :banana :banana

cjburr 6th September 2006 00:40

Super job guys, hope the weather clears for you.

GOTWA 6th September 2006 02:19

Hey Aaron...I heard Bandit of Easy Rider and Bikernet fame is down there on the salt at the same time as you boys. Run into him????

Y2K 6th September 2006 02:36


Originally Posted by GOTWA
Out-freakin'-standing! :clap :banana

Keep us posted as you can and tell Tim to be safe but go fast. Really, really fast!!!! :wonderlan

And how!...go get that busa! :clap

sportysrock 6th September 2006 05:28

Congratulations, that's cool stuff, really cool stuff!

TiBaal89 6th September 2006 05:47

Congrats, thats awesome stuff!

A celebration is in order - stage III XB heads for everyone!!!! :smoke

Roadster_Rider 6th September 2006 06:02


CBAS5 6th September 2006 06:06

I used to wrestle so I can assist your rider in loosing some weight asap for the record. :D

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