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brob85 23rd April 2014 14:47

V&H Twin Slash: Are they getting QUIETER?!
I had a pair of V&H Twin Slash pipes fitted to my Sportster around a year ago. When I rode out of the workshop, it sounded like thunder unleashed. Now however I swear they are getting quieter. Perhaps my ears have adjusted to the noise (my co-workers still say they can hear me arriving at the office), but I wondered if exhausts getting quieter was a possibility.

At this rate, I may have to re-fit the Toxic Inc pipes which I removed a few years back - at least I was setting off car alarms back then!

notrecat 23rd April 2014 15:26

I have never hear of exhaust getting quieter, they will get louder until broken in though. I would guess you are getting used to them. When I first put my Screamin' Eagle pipe on my 2 to 1, I thought it was insane, now it seems like I can't hear it, but my friends and girl all say they still hear me a long way off.

jcasella 23rd April 2014 15:33

"your getting used to them" is a euphemism for losing your hearing... ;)

AnaChris 23rd April 2014 15:34

yup, they're broken.....gonna need a whole new system. :P

oilly1 23rd April 2014 15:44

Amen, jcasella. I wonder at those who love to set off car alarms. Almost nothing irritates most of the non-riding people who share the air more than that. Just don't put your kids on the seat behind you, any more than you would ride them around in the car with the radio causing the car to thump….please. They are innocent kids.

brob85 23rd April 2014 15:50

I'm not deliberately trying to set alarms off (the very reason I switched from the Toxic pipes was to make sure I wasn't going to annoy the neighbours), I just seem to think other bikes with V&H pipes seem louder.

It could well be a combination of getting used to them, growing deaf and also sitting further from the ends of the exhaust: the Toxic pipes ended just under my knee rather than back at the rear wheel.

Don Burton 23rd April 2014 15:55


Originally Posted by jcasella (Post 4816975)
"your getting used to them" is a euphemism for losing your hearing... ;)

As the hearing goes the need to turn the volume up increases. Loud pipes damage hearing every time the the bike is fired up. The effects are cumulative, irreversible and not usually noticeable until significant damage has been done. :)

jcasella 23rd April 2014 18:09

Yep, hearing ain't what it used to be, just dug out my ear plugs last night (season just getting going here) but noticed the wind noise bugging me and realized I was missing the plugs...

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