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XL Custom 1200 3rd December 2006 21:23

Recieved wrong big sucker parts in box...ARGH !!!
Well, I went to install my big sucker, only to find out that first of all my gasket wasnt right, then that my backing plate wasnt right either:censor
When you put it up to the carb, the plate does not go up against the carb body and seal. It has about a 1/16th to 3 /32 gap. The box says for my model sportster ( 18-803) but the backing plate has a part # of 18-492-1 if that is suppose to be the same??? So now I am stuck with my stuff off and really dont want to put back on the SE A/C as a temp. So I guess I just need to call Arlen Ness and find out what needs to be done:frownthre

biknut 3rd December 2006 21:56

Maybe it's not a Big Sucker Air Cleaner. It's a Air Cleaner, BIG SUCKER. :doh

If the weathers good enough to ride, I'd just put the SE back on.

XL Custom 1200 4th December 2006 01:17

OK, I jumped to conclusions I guess. The backing plate did work finally after talking with the Ness guys. He said that maybe my carb was pushed back on the rubber flange a bit. So what I did was just bolt it up to the carb and tightened on the screws and it came together. As for the gasket, he said try flipping it over, and seeing if they line up. But the instructions said to stick it to the carb, and his way would have had me sticking to the backplate, which looked like that might have worked, but I had already modified the gasket and stuck it on the carb. It worked, no worries. Thanks for the response anyway !!

Now Im running lean again, LOL...back to the drop idle I guess, LOL

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