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ReddTigger 13th September 2010 09:17

97 XLH-Dual Brembo Brakes
So after a long wait, I finally got my front end together. IT's been a while in the making (ever since DAN did his) but with my bike being a 97. It was a little more then a bolt on install.

The end result is amazing. I can pull the bike to a rapid stop with my index finger and nothing else.. I haven't tried to do a Stoppie yet, BUT One day my balls will out weigh my brain and I'll try it.

These things are massive and BEAUTIFUL.

Brembo Master Cylinder from 2008 FLHX-Take off

I love the pattern on the new PIRELLI NIGHT DRAGON TIRES..

ReddTigger 13th September 2010 09:28

Parts List
This is the parts list. While I was able to source much of it from Ebay and some helpful members of the XLF.. This is what was actually installed on the bike..

44732-06A Left Side Brembo Caliper
44731-06A Right Side Brembo Caliper
44551-06A Brembo Master Cylinder W/ Lever
46487-08 Chrome Lower Fork Sliders
43736-00 Black lightening star wheel
43895-08 Axle
7813A Nut
6594 Washer
43522-08 Spacer, Bearing LH
9276 Roller Bearing (2)
43906-08 Spacer, hub
43358-08 Spacer. Bearing, RH
3655A Screw (10)
44944-08 Chrome Floating Brake Rotors
41843-08 Chrome Banjo Bolt Kit
BC Brake Adapter 90° 1/8 Npt
Goodrich Banjo Fitting 3/8 - 10mm 35°
BC Banjo Fitting 7/16 - 12mm 90°
49-8410 Brake Tee 1/8 Npt x AN # 3
Lyndall Z- plus Brake Pads

There was also one other spacer for the hub bearing, I got that number out of the install kit for the 25mm XL axle. (41452-08B-Front, 25mm Axle)

You'll also need two (2) 45405-75A Screw with washer (Bottom of forks)
(which should be replaced anytime you swap out the forks as a good general practice)

ReddTigger 13th September 2010 17:03

WOW, I Figured someone'd have something to say..

Gone 13th September 2010 17:07

cool. There. :)

pcwolf 13th September 2010 17:15

Beautiful work Redd ... belongs in Museum of Modern Art.

I grew up with old iron on drum-drum brakes, and now with double front discs I agree -- the Sporty stops like a performance bike aughta. Ain't never going back. Now put a fork brace on that thing and you'll feel like the bike is riding on rails.

Did you have to change the wheel, or do it to keep pace with those pretty Brembo clamps? Did you get specs on the width/spacers or just eyeball the alignment? How was the job replacing your right side lower fork to get the mount for the second disc?

How did you bleed the lines? I swapped steel braided lines for the stock rubber ones this Summer and I am still trying to get the sponginess out of them.


whittlebeast 13th September 2010 18:24

We told you....


Brad 13th September 2010 18:40

Looks good. Bet you're happy to have it completed... :clap

Just let me know when you are going to try that stoppie.
I either want to be far away, or manning the video camera!

moto vito 14th September 2010 00:14

That is the best dual disc set up on a solid mount I ever saw, super nice job. Now for some questions, Did the late model sliders work with your stock fork tubes and damper rods? could you have used your stock front wheel and axle if you used some sliders off a o4 that had a 3/4 axle.

jharback 14th September 2010 00:18

Great lookin' setup. Nice work. If you don't mind telling us how much did it run you (ball park figure)?

wandrur 14th September 2010 00:35

Yep, that was the first question on my mind, too. :)

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