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Kennyv 28th April 2019 04:26

75 Ironhead cam cover - Screws don't fit missing bolt
Working on my 75 Sportster. Was missing the lower left cam cover bolt when I got it. Picture below shows the missing bolt. So I purchased this colony cam cover screw kit.

Colony-cam-cover-screw-kit J&P Cycles Part Number: 433-567
Manufacturer Part Number: 8783-8

I cannot find anywhere in the service manual bolt sizes for the cam cover. But none of the bolts from the kit fit that hole. They are too large and will not even go into the hole. I removed the bolt from the hole to the right of the missing one to see what size it was and it does not fit that hole either.

Whats up with this? Do I have a modified or non original cam cover or something? What do I need to replace this thing? See picture.

Kennyv 28th April 2019 04:27

Here is the picture of the missing bolt

doodah man 28th April 2019 04:46

it's been a while since i've had my cover off, but the bolt will be 1/4-20 and the parts book lists a few different lengths: 1 1/4", 1 3/4", and 2 1/4". i'd bet the 2 1/4" bolt is the one you need. you could also buy a good length of 1/4-20 threaded rod and screw it in five or six turns then mark and measure it and buy the appropriate length bolt. the threaded rod will come in handy again at some point for your bike, i'm sure.

iNSaNeSHaNe 28th April 2019 06:18

Sorry I can't see the hole need better pic I guess or maybe new eyes..
I believe there is suppose to be a bolt just above the arow and it will be the same diameter as the others 1/4 x 20 is the standard thread for all of the cover bolts. If you have one smaller diam. you need to look closely and make sure it hasn't had the head drilled off of it to remove the cover . I have seen this a few times where a bolt is seized in the case and they left the bolt in the hole rather than trying to remove it from the case.

good luck let us know what you find.

72 Ironhead XLH 28th April 2019 14:13

if this is the place, its a standard case bolt 1/4 x 20 maybe the old one is broken and still in there

Kennyv 28th April 2019 21:07

Really appreciate all the help ... this forum is awesome, didn't expect such quick replies and nobody even gave me crap for asking a stupid question.

So I investigated closer this morning. Guess, my eyes are not as good as they used to be. There was a washer embedded into the hole. Little bit scary as to why the previous owner had the wrong size washer there and missing a bolt. I sure hope there is nothing broken off inside the cam case but I really don't want to open her up to see. If I do, I'm likely make things worse.

Anyway. take a look at this pic and you can see how easy it was to mistake it. That washer blends right in. That smaller hole to the left has a washer on it believe it or not. I took a 2.5" nail I had on hand and stuck it in the hole and it never even bottomed out. So I am going to try the 2 1/4" bolt. I believe the bolt to the right of that hole is the shorter 1 3/4".

Thanks for the quick help!! Now time to finish rebuilding my caliper, carb, new gas tank, rocker cover leak ... who knows what else. Really didn't know what I was getting myself into when I traded one of my guitars for this. Anyway, it is fun and rewarding.

Kennyv 28th April 2019 21:18

And here she is ... a work in progress.

Looks much better with the mustang style tank taken off of it.

Before with tank

doodah man 28th April 2019 21:59

So, what kind of guitar did the other guy get??

Kennyv 29th April 2019 00:03

The guitar was a Dillon acoustic electric. Worth about $250. Altogether, trade value was about $700. The bike sat for about 2 years. Threw it on a trailer, took it home, put some stabile in the tank, oil and charged the battery. It did fire up and run the next day. It idled real high for about 10 seconds then stalled. Sounded ok to me but I probably wouldn't know the difference unless something drastic was wrong. I left it for what it is since the carb is nasty and instead of messing around with it just started tearing it down.

Iron Mike 29th April 2019 03:29

That looks like a washer stuck in there.

ryder rick 30th April 2019 00:23

Flush the tank too, drain and refill at least.

Stabil does not fix bad fuel.
Adding anything to bad fuel just makes more bad fuel.
Bad fuel is not good for your carb, and garbage from a dirty fuel tank is not good for your nice clean carb. Fuel hoses will also take a beating. This is also a bigger issue with the crap they call gas they sell at the pump.

I have had a rash of returns this year from bikes that I worked on last year. They left my shop with clean fresh gas in them and the low speed jets on 3 of them were plugged. I am switching my fuel source which has been fine if used and not stored. The bikes I know are getting stored or not ridden regularly will now be getting ethanol free fuel. Then we will see what happens next year.

The feds rate pump fuels like E10 or some such, but it's just rough number like up to 10%. The feds don't regulate how much water is in it!
Up till recently I have not seen fuel with so much water in it, and it is messing up the carbs on anything that sits.
Race car carb even had problems with ethanol cooties (real E85) this weekend after 5 months of storage.

Kennyv 1st May 2019 02:40

Yep, removed the washer that was embedded in there and the long 2 1/4" bolt from the kit fit like a glove. Thanks for all the advice.

ryder rick, Thanks for tips ... yeah, I am going to clean and rebuild the carb. Already ordered the genuine bendix kit. Also plan on replacing the fuel filter and lines. I am on the fence right now on replacing the tank or just cleaning and repainting that mustang tank in the picture. I should start a separate thread on that. I can't decide if I like the look of the mustang tank it came with or not. But I know for sure I don't like how it was mounted. It had an aluminum shim wedged in the tunnel and tank was strapped to the frame by the tab on the rear. Also, petcock is on the left side. I can make it work out alright but just not sure if I want to yet or better to just buy a king or regular peanut.

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