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aswracing 5th September 2006 12:48

The World's Fastest Buell - 217.9mph
Greetings from my hotel room in Wendover, NV. NRHS is here for the International Motorcycle Speed Trials by Bub. It's an all-motorcycle event on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

I have been pretty quiet lately because for the past several weeks I've been working about 25 hours a day, between my two jobs and getting ready for Bonneville. My main bike, which already held the World's Fastest Buell title with a record speed of 205.642, got set up for nitromethane this year. It's been a hell of a learning curve. I first fired it up on the nitro just over a week ago, and since then I've been trying my damndest to get my arms around the tune and figure out this nitro stuff.

Well, yesterday all the work paid off as we cranked off a pass at 217.9mph!. XLTimbo was again doing the riding duties for us, he's also an XL Forum member. This betters our previous best single pass by about 10mph!

Unfortunately, right after we made our pass, some bad weather moved in, and we were unable to make a backup pass. Since backup passes under AMA rules have to be made the same day, the pass won't count towards a record. Still, it was exciting to crank off that number.

We're in the lead for fastest US V-Twin ($1,000) and we're only 3mph away from being the fastest sit-on motorcycle ($5,000), currently held by a turbocharged Hayabusa. We may just have to tip the jug a bit and go for it, we'll look at a few things and then decide.

My apologies to everyone who's tried to reach me for the past few weeks. I know my PM inbox is full. I just haven't had the bandwidth to do anything else. Please be patient with me for a little while yet, until I get home and on top of things.

I'll post many pics when I get some more time. There's an awful lot of really interesting bikes here, of all brands. Lots and lots of fast Sportsters too.

jwb47 5th September 2006 13:03

congratulations that is very impressive we will all be anxious to hear the final results.

Sportster Girl 5th September 2006 13:05

Fantastic Aaron! Keep us updated :clap

crackers 5th September 2006 13:05

well done
hope the weather clears and you can repeat that performance (x2) to make it official


gwcrim 5th September 2006 13:38

Great job Aaron & Tim!

bplinson 5th September 2006 13:39

Congrats on the run!! Would be cool to take the "sit-on motorcycle" from the Japanese!

Kentucky 5th September 2006 14:30

Go for it and congratulations on the single pass.

Good Luck

Kazoom 5th September 2006 21:26

What a great thing it would be for the Buell guys if you guys could give the Suzuki the boot as the "fastest sit-on motorcycle" The Buell guys could then rub a bit of salt in the Hayabusa guys wounds lol. I will keep my fingers crossed... good luck.:D

GOTWA 5th September 2006 22:28

Out-freakin'-standing! :clap :banana

Keep us posted as you can and tell Tim to be safe but go fast. Really, really fast!!!! :wonderlan

hybriDatsun350 5th September 2006 22:48

Damn!!! That is amazing that you are only 3 mph shy of being the worlds fastest sit-on motorcycle! :banarock Amazing work!

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