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sprtrjl 26th December 2006 06:01

I think the Jap bikes have been trying to catch up with HD for decades. Don't try to change Harley into some cheap, plastic scooter! If you want a Jap bike just go buy one. Stop trying to ruin a great American Icon!

pquirk 26th December 2006 15:10

Again and again we have to visit this tired issue? JFC, if you don't like Harleys then don't buy one. Obviously there are plenty of people who disagree with you and I don't think the MoCo will losse much sleep over you selling their stock. :)

JohnnyMossville 26th December 2006 15:20

I'd say Harley has to look back to 1957,
look at the sportster and where it stood in the hierarchy of bad-ass machines, against it's peers, not it's technology, (read ON TOP) and use that as the basis for how they do the next sportster, the technology should follow from that, not from what the japanese or anyone else is doing.

It was lighter, faster, meaner, leaner, cooler than anything out there. that's where I'd start, not with the big four in japan, but ofcourse they have some good ideas too, it's just we can do it with a harley attitude. It is the original Sport(ster) after-all.

chaz 26th December 2006 16:48

I started ridding on Italian 30 years ago, then went Jap mainly Honda through the CX500, great despatch bike crap to work on, CBR1000 Hurricane 180rocket ship, 1st gen CBR900 Fireblade plus more in between, left Jap when I realised that I was loosing so much in depreciation and that I had to get the wife to change the spark plugs . Turned again to Italian 851 Ducati, wrists and backache all the time. left for a year then went for my sporty, still got it, still got a clean licence, still get respect. Now we have 2 in the garage. One day I might get a new one but I doubt it. wont have the charm of old America or its British Ally.
Having restored many bikes in 30 years all I will say is look at these classics and then at Japs and work out how many will still be about in 30 years!!
Ive still got a 1000 V Twin Honda, fast enough for me officer but look at the history, cam chains!!, look at the chrome badly pitted rust, look at the plastic expense thats why its got a black fairing sprayed over one half red the other yellow!!

I might be new here but as they say ' if it aint broke dont fix it' If I want a Harley Im not buying a Jap copy!! nuff said

rottenralph 26th December 2006 17:08

Harley has tried that. It is called a vrod. like alle things Harlet is designed for a niche maeket.

Snuffy 26th December 2006 18:36


Originally Posted by pquirk
Again and again we have to visit this tired issue? JFC, if you don't like Harleys then don't buy one. Obviously there are plenty of people who disagree with you and I don't think the MoCo will losse much sleep over you selling their stock. :)

Got to agree with you on this Pquirk:clap but like said above lets not forget our Brit brothers lot of old trumpets and beezers still on the road, leaking oil, tightening bolts but still leaving their distintive sound as they are running down the road:banana

Old_Goat57 26th December 2006 19:01

When I started riding in my teens, I had a Suzuki 500cc 2-Stroke street bike, some of my friends rode Kaw 900's, Honda CB750s or Triumphs or Nortons, and about half rode Harleys, Old Panhead and Knucklehead choppers and a few Sportsters. My bike was fast in a race, but when a group of us rode together anywhere I was in the back. The pecking order was clear to all of us - Harleys and British bikes in front, Jap bikes next, and the 2-strokes (smokers) in the back.

That's just how things were, and it's interesting to see NOW that the passage of time has changed very little - people aspire to ride the bikes that hold a place of respect and honor. People are proud to tell stories that they ride the same brand of bikes their fathers and grandfathers rode.

thatbikerguy 26th December 2006 19:04

Water cooled engines - no thanks.

pquirk 26th December 2006 19:44


Originally Posted by thatbikerguy
Water cooled engines - no thanks.

My Sporty and my '71 Beetle agree :) .

Y2K 26th December 2006 20:05


Originally Posted by bigdogbark
Not all of Japan's ideas are good but look at the Goldwing and then the Ultra. But here in the US it is also an EPA issue. My old 74 Yamaha SX 650 had more guts and power then the newer Sporsters. The Sportsters are good rides but HD needs more then one model to carry on. This is a general issue for HD not a single issue with the Sportster.

Pffft! I had one of thoses XS650s and have had both new and old Sportys,there's no comparo the Sporty wins hands down,even the old iron.;)
As for the GW vrs EG well they are different animals,I prefer the EG for a long list of reasons I won't even bother to go into here.
Harley has stuck to the old traditional 45deg aircooled,pushrod,single crankpin motor because that's what makes it a Harley and that's what Harley lovers want.
If you want a Jap bike buy one,the V-Rod is high tech enough and I'd agree it needs a different platform but it will never sooth the soul of a traditional Harley lover and that's why it doesn't sell well.
By the way the new motor is 96" not 95'' and by all accounts a great engine.

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