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rykk69 6th July 2021 00:49

Thanks all. I was going to take the day off and let the bruises on my legs and blisters on my hands have a break, but I can’t help but keep trying.

So I meant retarded on the magneto, turned towards engine. Interestingly, it seems more prone to light when it is rotated other way, which made me recheck timing, which does seem correct. Front intake just closed, then rotate until line shows up. Narrow lobe just starting to open.

I did do a compression test- getting about 95 lbs front and rear with 3 kicks.

I will try priming kicks with magneto grounded.

rykk69 6th July 2021 01:12

No luck with priming kicks. Spraying starting fluid into carb throat I can get to pop, then run for about 2 sec, but that’s it. I think I will order a new Mikuni vm38-9, unless anyone can recommend a better option.

I think it might be time to jump on my Ducati and clear my head…

Ferrous Head 6th July 2021 01:30

Indicating there's no fuel reaching the carb.

Remove the bottom drain plug. Turn on the fuel tap and see if you have fuel coming out.

My guess is stuck needle/seat.

If you get nothing try a sharp rap with a plastic screw driver handle on the float bowl. Sometimes that's enough to loosen them.

rykk69 6th July 2021 02:44

Thanks ferrous head! I did check float and bowl was full of gas. I have ordered a new Mikuni carb. Should arrive in time to try again next weekend.

In the meantime I might recheck valve adjustment.

doodah man 6th July 2021 03:28

Next time you attempt to kick it, remove a plug after your prime kicks and see if it’s wet with gas. If this bike has sat for a while, it might be time well spent to dismantle the carb and soak all of the metal parts in a can of berryman’s chem dip or similar, rinse with boiling hot water.

Medyo Bastos 6th July 2021 04:35

How old is the fuel?

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davixlrtt 6th July 2021 23:27


Originally Posted by Medyo Bastos (Post 5903426)
How old is the fuel?

My CH sat for nearly 4 months over the winter and would only start after I replaced the fuel.

rykk69 6th July 2021 23:53

So I did disassemble carb and soak overnight in berrymans, checked and blew out all passages. No difference.

It is a new build, new tank, new gas.

I did pull plugs and they are not wet.

New carb should arrive Friday.

rejeanprimeau 7th July 2021 00:42

What your sparkplugs gap at ???

kitabel 7th July 2021 00:50

Read any Mikuni manual.
They don't have chokes, and prime kicks do not work.
Do what the manufacturer says: depress the enrichment lever and kick it through. A cold engine will run at fast idle without touching the throttle.
Lower the idle speed screw 1 turn before you try again, and take your hand off the throttle.

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