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rykk69 7th July 2021 05:09

plugs are at spec for magneto, 0.020 I think.

Yes, I have read all the manuals for the VM38. Tried everything.

Ferrous Head 7th July 2021 06:30


I did pull plugs and they are not wet.
Still indicating the engine isn't getting fuel.

So I suspect a carb swap will sort it out.

Still, have to wonder why no fuel is getting to the engine.

Basically has to be something wrong in the idle circuit. Dunno.

GA_Ironhead 7th July 2021 12:29

Lots of guys here have had to clean old carbs multiple times to get them clean.

What plugs?

What wires?

jeffro57 9th July 2021 04:51

I soda blasted a few carbs, always works. here's one is the fuel line getting hot? I had one that the fuel was boiling, had to put an insulator sleeve on it

Whitewalls 9th July 2021 21:31


Originally Posted by kitabel (Post 5903581)
Read any Mikuni manual.
They don't have chokes, and prime kicks do not work.
Do what the manufacturer says: depress the enrichment lever and kick it through. A cold engine will run at fast idle without touching the throttle.
Lower the idle speed screw 1 turn before you try again, and take your hand off the throttle.

Tomato potato. Mikuni calls it a choke. It may not be a traditional choke in the sense that it doesn't turn a butterfly to block air flow but Minuni stamps the lever with the word CHOKE not enricher.

brucstoudt 9th July 2021 22:21


Originally Posted by kitabel (Post 5903581)
Read any Mikuni manual.
They don't have chokes, and prime kicks do not work.

???? prime kicks work great on my Yamaha 400 2 stroke with factory mikuni carb.fastest easiest way to start it.the previous owner gave me the procedure.

RicThompson 9th July 2021 22:22

Magneto ignition works best with non resistor copper core plug wires and non resistor spark plugs. I use Autolite copper core 4316's.
Ensure that you do not have a tight pushrod. All 4 should roll between fingers freely at bottom.
Set points to 12 and plugs to 18. Put the timing line between center and rear of hole. place cellophane between points turn mag until narrow lobe opens points enough for cellophane to slip then lock it down.
Remove air cleaner. Have someone hold palm of hand over carb throat, kick the engine over 2-3 times, remove hand from carb unkill mag and start.
If that don't work find a big hill.

rykk69 10th July 2021 05:40

Thanks for support! New copper plug wires from lowbrow. Champion plugs to spec (can’t remember off hand the number). Plugs and points to spec (.020 and .015). New carb arrives tomorrow- hope for the best!

Doc308 10th July 2021 16:22

Are you sure that the timing isn't 180 degrees out? I always se Mikunis--love' em. However, I bought one one time on Ebay from a private seller and had starting problems. Turned out that a tiny jet was missing in one f thie tiny holes in the fron of the carb.

rykk69 10th July 2021 18:10

@ Doc308 I don’t believe it is out 180, but how can I be entirely sure? Would like to rule that out! I have heard to use thumb test to make sure front cylinder is under compression anything else?

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