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Crazyspeed 14th March 2011 04:59


Originally Posted by zipdog (Post 3170341)
Hell no...I want to BRAG about it. Owned my first Harley (shovel) at 50 and now my first Ironhead. Way to go, IronMick...I'm 1 1/2 years behind you.

Ok...I'm giving you a little poke:p....I myself go back a little...graduated from high school in 1964:laugh

Hopper 3rd April 2011 04:24

Race lapping tools
Inexpensive industrial expandable lapping arbors that could be used to lap rod races, main bearing races, tranny mainshaft output race etc are here:

(brass barrel)

And here:
(Hardened steel barrel)

You would need a lathe to make up the aligning extensions for the tranny bearing and main bearing lapping, but should work straight up for con rod races.


1979XLH 11th April 2011 08:50

clutch spring install tool...

also for anyone putting on a primary cover. the clutch ramp and balls can be held using a small pair of needle nose vise grips.. works amazing

Wooley 16th April 2011 04:02

Either I missed this thread altogether or forgot about it. Great stuff in here.

Big_e78 27th May 2011 16:14


Originally Posted by Big_e78 (Post 3084744)
This bearing separator and gear puller set has worked for everthing I've come across so far, though I haven't pulled this particular one. I even rigged it up to press my flywheels out of the case.

I just confirmed this by using this puller. Came off easy. Now putting a new one on may be harder. I only have a small press...

rivethog 27th May 2011 16:20


Originally Posted by fergerburger (Post 3084513)
The race butts up to the wheel.

I've never seen a Sporty sprocket shaft that didn't have a lip/bearing seat on it. If that lip contacts the flywheel before the shaft taper seats in the flywheel, you've got problems.

piniongear 2nd July 2011 22:53


Originally Posted by 71sportyratfink (Post 3381545)
Is there a way to install the pinion gear without buying the 96830-51 tool or should I take it to a shop ?

There is a tool used to install the gear.
The tool has 5/16-24 left hand threads which screw into your crank spindle.
You can press this gear on if you do not have the tool, but using the tool is the preferred way of doing it.
I do not have the factory tool myself but made my own as pictured here..........


saddlebagrail 12th August 2011 00:37

other homemade tools
I have seen some nice homemade tool in this thread,here are some that I made over the year, for those who are doing flywheel works,Ray

My first knife edge stand for balancing flywheels

My last roller bearings balancing stand for flywheels,this is the one I am actually using.

Set of bobweights and shaft for balancing purposes(static)

A dynamic balancing bobweight sets(dynamic)

saddlebagrail 12th August 2011 00:51

connecting rods weighting tools
this kit is made to balance rotating and reciprocating weight for engine balancing

weight that I need to take off when balancing either Big End or Small End

saddlebagrail 13th August 2011 13:11

holding the flywheel when pressing Timkens

Press the Timkens with another homemade tool

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