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Glamazon 4th March 2019 09:49

Shoulder rotator cuff problems
Anyone else riding with this? I have started to get this (my sister recently had an operation for it).Pains not so bad when I get moving but I sometimes roll over in my sleep and it feels like I've pushed my shoulder in

60Gunner 4th March 2019 10:22

Nope but I've got several bulging discs in my cervical spine that pinch nerves and shoot pain down my arms along with severe DDD. (Degenerative Disc Desease) I wake up in the middle of the night in agony during an acute attack. Sometimes I can hardly move my head in any direction without severe pain.
Getting injections in 2 days along with opiod treatment.

rokytnji 4th March 2019 16:19

Had the operation back in my USMC days by parachute doctors.

No problemo with left shoulder since. But the rest of my left side ?

Constant maint. Try a pillow between your knees to keep knee caps apart when laying on your side.
Me being larger than you. Know how gravity sucks for us larger specimens of human perfection.

BKB 4th March 2019 16:27

Not rotator cuff problem, per se, but I dislocated my left shoulder 45 years ago, then 10 years ago got a compound fracture in that same arm, just 3" below the joint. Lost some bicep & deltoid muscle due to the damage & when I relax, the shoulder comes out of joint, if I don't have an arm rest. It also always wakes me up if I roll onto my left side. The good thing is that it doesn't bother me when I'm riding & I don't feel a need for any pain meds. I'm always aware of the damage, tho. Every time I move I can feel the tightness in the muscles & when I put on a shirt or jacket it pops loud enough for my wife to ask "You OK?" I have a couple friends who've had the rotator cuff surgery & they're kinda in the same situation. It bugs 'em, but it's good enough to work with & way better than before the surgery. They both said the only reason they got the surgery was that the pain was just getting too constant & too intense & they were not able to function on any kind of normal basis. Hope it doesn't get to that point for you, but if it does, find a surgeon who's done a lot of this. Experience matters, so I'm told.

Stairman 4th March 2019 17:11

I've had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Hell of a thing to go through, but not having the surgery is worse. It's been about five years and I'm doing fine.

RandyMac 4th March 2019 17:23

Try PT first, you might be lucky.

Bluto 4th March 2019 18:31

Don't know if my shoulder injury was a rotator cuff specifically but it hurt like hell when I moved the wrong way and putting a jacket on etc. was very difficult.
Anyway, went to my doctor who gave me a cortisone shot directly in the joint and that worked, only minor pain very occasionally since then and it has been a few years now, no problems anymore riding MC's or bicycles, kayaking, etc..

Tim The Grim 4th March 2019 18:39

I had stabbing pains in both shoulders at different times for a few years.
An outstanding Massage Therapist kept me out of surgery, but I kept aggravating things at work and in my shop.
One day out of the blue he asked if I slept with 2 pillows. I answered that yeah I had 2 firm neck roll pillows stacked up. He said try one low profile firm neck roll for a while. He retired a short time later.

I have stayed with one low profile pillow and have zero shoulder problems now.

wrkdWS6 4th March 2019 18:52

I've got a torn labrum in my left shoulder which I believe is somewhat similar to rotator cuff. No issues when riding. Feels weird in bed sometimes if I roll over on it. PT helped with regaining range of motion but not with the pain. Got a cortisone shot for it which helped for a solid year but now back to normal so surgery is next step. I literally broke my ass a few years ago in my mid/late 20s and that has been more of an issue when riding lol.

My Dad has a torn rotator cuff, he said PT helped some. Surgery is likely the fix but I heard the recovery from shoulder surgery is a real ***** which is why neither of us have done it yet.

wrkdWS6 4th March 2019 19:04


Originally Posted by Stairman (Post 5732869)
I've had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Hell of a thing to go through, but not having the surgery is worse. It's been about five years and I'm doing fine.

Could you share how your surgery and recovery went? I've put it off because I've never had surgery before so it's a bit scary to me plus the recovery process seems super inconvenient.

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