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wedge 8th October 2013 02:06


Originally Posted by rocketmangb (Post 4596280)
Why dont the fat outer race face out ?

Re-read my post, it does. The fat INNER race points in. The fat outer race points out (or at you like I said).

rocketmangb 8th October 2013 02:12

Guess i read it wrong thats why it made no sense to me
Bearing goes in the BACK of the housing fat out outer first.
Check !

ReddTigger 8th October 2013 02:13


Originally Posted by wedge (Post 4596281)
Re-read my post, it does. The fat INNER race points in. The fat outer race points out (or at you like I said).

Right the fat outer race goes first......

Because the retainer needs to go in w with the bearing on the inside

mikeLI_77 8th October 2013 02:19

@Tigger: If I remember correctly that is the same thing that happened to me on the way home from what I think was the philly cheese steak run wear we got stuck on the Staten Island Expressway on the way home for 2+ hours and I also slightly burnt up my clutch from it not disengaging correctly the whole time.

wedge 8th October 2013 02:36

This can easily get confusing because we are now talking about the bearing holder that is held in with the big retaining ring. The bearing goes into that holder with the fat outer race going in first, and the threaded adjuster goes in with the mushroom end on that back side where you push the bearing into. There is also a small clip that holds the adjuster into the center of the bearing. One of those gets pressed, and I can't remember if you press the adjuster screw into the bearing center race, or if you press the bearing into the holder. One is press fit, the other just slides in, and I suspect the clip on the adjuster means it is the one that is a slip fit.

Just remember that as you pull on the adjuster screw you want to be pulling the fat side of the inner race into the bearing towards the fat outer race so that the balls are running on the thicker material of both races when under pressure so they don't wear out quickly in the pattern you see in the failed bearing pictures.

geoff 8th October 2013 02:42

Bearing is pressed into the plate, the adjuster screw slips in and is held by a clip

~Grind~ 8th October 2013 02:49


Originally Posted by Ocgreenmachine (Post 4596116)
Grind, any particular brand on the 7200B angular contact bearings? Also, size is 10x30, correct?

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I don't know the manufacturer of the bearings I purchased. Yes the size is 10x30x9. The package had ASIN:B002BILZC along with the 7200B 10x30x9 Angular Contact printed on it.

~Grind~ 8th October 2013 02:51

Here is how Dirty Don explained the installation process.

Originally Posted by Dirty Don View Post
I went out and looked at mine, all apart, and it looks like the primary cover might need to come off, maybe not. But the throw out bearing is in its own little housing, held in by a retaining ring and the assembly can be removed. Then you take the small retaining ring off the threaded shaft and press it out. The bearing itself can then be pressed out of its housing, press the new one in, by the outer race, making sure the widest side of the outer race on an angular contact bearing goes into the housing first, then replace the shaft and retaining ring, put the assembly back in with its retaining ring and it's done. You must be sure of the orientation on an angular contact bearing so your thrust is applied to the races properly. Then put your primary cover and the rest back together.

rocketmangb 8th October 2013 03:01

Sounds right Grind
If ya put it in the other way it wont live for shit !

ReddTigger 8th October 2013 04:32

It will probably live longer then oem.I ordered then today,.should have then next week

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