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NLXL 20th December 2019 14:46

Can The BMW R18 Compete With Harley-Davidson?
Nice...but it's so wide... need for a jiffy with those cylinders :D

Folkie 20th December 2019 15:50

Let's see it then:

NLXL 20th December 2019 16:44

That looks better. I was searching for the embedded code you're using. Wasn't it something with [YT] and then the 11 figures etc...? YouTube [YT] BBCode?

Can't remember.:o

NLXL 20th December 2019 17:05

Got the hang of it Saw your previous post (page 2)

NLXL 20th December 2019 17:06

big beemer

Nibelungen 20th December 2019 18:38

Yes... IMO she can compete without mercy... with BTs...

for the moment i prefer nimble, lighter bikes...

Skeezix 20th December 2019 23:02

I'd love to take one out for a spin.
Makes me miss my old R100.

Kbetts 21st December 2019 03:59

I owned a R100GS for many years and miles. It's primary characteristic was rotational torque. Too much throttle and the bike stood up in a corner. Chop the throttle and the slowing rotational mass caused the bike to lean over. The taller GS made it worse than other R100s.

The classic BMW rider entering a corner could always be seen sitting straight on the seat rolling off the throttle on left turns to lean into the corner, adding throttle on right turns. Exiting the corner you did the opposite. Exquisite throttle control was needed to keep it smooth. Looked cool from afar but there was always a pucker factor doing it realtime.

Another problem was shaft-jacking which causes the back end to rise under throttle. BMW invented the Paralever to help with the shaft jacking but even that only helped a little. I'm guessing the long wheelbase of the R18 is need to help alleviate the problem.

So between rotational mass torque, shaft jacking, and 1800cc/150ft/lbs of torque I'm guessing this bike will require throttle by wire smoothing equal to an F22 fighter plane to keep it on the road (ok, slight exaggeration.)

Oh, yeah.. the heat coming off those cylinders will keep your feet really toasty too.

I'm absolutely sure that the motor will be amazing and the suspension will be great...

.....Still wouldn't want to put up with the handling issues stated above for that huge motor.

Nibelungen 21st December 2019 07:46

I was thinking the problem of cut off the throttle on curves was solved swapping the shaft drive on the opposite side...

i rode a 1250 adventure of a friend and did not notice that...
rode also a nine t and not noticed as well..
I did not flogged either rides though

Glamazon 21st December 2019 09:15

I like it a lot. Always liked BMWs but never enough to actually buy one. My only experience of them was a short ride on an R75 40 years ago.

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