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ReddTigger 18th May 2007 03:18

Mustang Wide Vintage Super Touring (pics)
Here are some pics I took of the new seat.. I'm actually starting to enjoy it some.. Still not 100% satisified with the look. Judge for yourselves.

These are with the OLD (DELUXE) Seat ontop of new one.

jduffy01 18th May 2007 03:21

would look better with a fat bob tank but doesnt look bad and im sure it feels nice and comfy.

khaskins 18th May 2007 03:23

Looks good to me. How does your butt like it?

ReddTigger 18th May 2007 03:34

My bigolebutt enjoys the hell out of it. My Thighs aren't so happy as it's higher then the original and I can't flat foot it as easily (although the longer shocks have something to do with it.)

Every day the seat gets better....

doxbike 18th May 2007 03:36

I have the Vintage Wide Touring-I'm not familar with the "Super" Touring, but yours looks way wider than mine. The sides of my seat are even with the oil tank and battery cover. Yours looks like it stick out a lot further. Anyway, I don't think it looks bad, just different than you're used to.

ReddTigger 18th May 2007 03:42

The Rider area measures 15.5" and the Passanger area measures 12"

WIDE LOAD !! lmao

ReddTigger 18th May 2007 04:14

khaskins I really dig you're mooneyes.. :)

Makes it look 'retro' :D

sycle1 18th May 2007 06:05

I have the vintage solo it is a lot lower, it doesn't have as much foam as yours.
I bet yours is much more comfy on those long rides.
It looks fine, you will get used to it.

Braz691 18th June 2007 06:35

yes, you will grow to like it both on your butt and visually with your eyes. I have the Mustang wide vintage and I went through this same thing, with people telling me I was just OCD, or getting totally frustrated with me and saying "well, put your old hd seat back on" and sit on a board more or less, defeating the purpose of my investment in the mustang.
I don't really pay any attention to it now, looks wise, and when I do I immediately think of how great the seat feels on my butt or another way to say it---doesn't feel on my butt. And a seat should not be reminding you that it is there, we want to ride, right?
Hope that helps you, any change will have pluses and minuses, but I think you have made a very positive one choosing your seat. Hope you enjoy the ride on it, I know your butt will.

Erik 18th June 2007 20:35

I changed the stock seat for exactly the same Mustang Wide Vintage Solo + passenger seat. Man, does my a:censor love this seat !!!!

Can ride the Sporty all day now, and the mistress enjoys it too:laugh

One of the best spend $$$ ever for me on my bike, i'm sure:clap

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