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LordVngr 30th June 2006 21:39

Bobtailing a sportster
So I have been thinking a lot lately about putting a bobtail fender on my 05 1200R but with the list price on the fender being 300.00 and the install kit being another 100.00 thats a serious chunck of change. Even going thru zanottis or chicago hd its still going to be expensive. I'd really like to get one but just aint 100% sure I'm ready to pull the trigger yet. I've heard there Metal but havent confirmed that and would be POed if it was fiberglass or some other form of plastic like the front chin spoiler's are. Are they metal and how hard are they to install. Also if I got the primered one how hard would it be to paint and how much you think a shop would want to paint it.

I have asked about this before but decided this time I would do a poll to see what people think. So answer the poll and tell us your thoughts. Also if you got any pictures showing the bobtail on your sporty how about posting them here for the other members to check out. Id like to see all the pics but I'm especially interested in 1200R models being bobbed since thats what I own. I'm all ears, Thanks for your input....


melcheld 30th June 2006 21:52

Why not just bob the fender yourself? I know that you're refering to a "bobtail" fender with the lip that kicks up at the end. I think that on a 1200R, lopping off the last few inches of the stock fender would look much better (and its relatively free, save for the tail light and plate mount). I've attached a link below that give really good illustrated intructions on how to do this.



loki03xlh 30th June 2006 22:09

I would like to have a bobtail fender on my 1200 custom, but I won't pay 400 bucks for the parts. In the j&p cycle book, they have some aftermarket fenders that look just like the harley bobtail fenders.They come with cat eye taillight assembly and mounting hardware. 1994-2003 are 159.99 and 2004-06 are 229.99. Both are unpainted. I'm hoping that in a few years, with more rubber mounts on the road, the price of the new style will come down the close to the price of the 94-03 models.

ZanexGt 30th June 2006 22:12


I've got a stock 05 Black Cherry BobTail that came w/ my bike when new. I might be willing to sell it if your interested. I took it off b/c I thought the regular rear fender looked better w/ the 4.5G custom tank. For some reason I thought the bobtail made it look goofy.

PM me for details.

chopsta 30th June 2006 22:38

I just put a sport-bob fender on my 91 1200. I bought it through Jireh cycles for 70 bucks. I ran the d.a. sander over it with 36 grit because they have some deep scratches from being formed, then put about 3 good coats of 2K epoxy primer on it and sanded smooth with 220 grit. Smoothed out nice. I don't know how much work you would have to do with a more expensive fender before painting, but I suspect the $200 fender is no better than the $70 when it comes to finish. They stamp them out and ship them.
The painting is not too hard, but costly to have a shop do it. Depends on your abilities and if you have the equipment to paint. I have a compressor, air sanders, and cheap spray guns, so naturally I do everything myself. Base coat/ clear coat paint is very easy to work with and fix if you mess it up... real good for beginners.
When looking for a fender, pay attention to whether or not it has a taillamp/ license mounting bracket or not. Some do not come with them. Mine had the bracket already welded on the fender.

hybriDatsun350 30th June 2006 23:19

I love Bobtail fenders! There is nothing cooler in my eyes, haha. I have one sitting in my garage that I got real cheap, but it needs a little bit of work so its not on my bike yet.

Fender- $50
Install kit- $40
Body work and some paint- maybe $100, but most likely less

Doesn't sound to bad to me!

punkmxcn 30th June 2006 23:31

save some cash and chop it!

Sportster Girl 30th June 2006 23:45

Doesen't have to cost that much.....I staked out Ebay for only about a month and came up with this:

hybriDatsun350 1st July 2006 00:20


Originally Posted by Sportster Girl
Doesen't have to cost that much.....I staked out Ebay for only about a month and came up with this:

If only we were all as lucky as you Sportster girl! :p

wagoneer12 1st July 2006 00:24

I think a "self bobbed" fender looks a million times better than the factory bobtail.

I hate the way they "flip it up" at the end. With a self job, you can control how much or how little is bobbed. And you can choose from hundred of different tail light setups.

However, on the rubbermounts, if you get the factory bobtail fender, it is faster than the self bobbed bikes.

However, on the Pre rubbermounts, a self bobbed fender will beat a factory bob.

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