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SuperBrace 16th November 2016 18:37

SuperBrace Group Buy 2016
SuperBrace is having a HUGE Group Buy for the holidays. Any rider that wants to sign up from November 23rd thru December 16th and get a great discount on a SuperBrace for their Sportster will need to go to You can then pick from a few models so take a look and find the SuperBrace that best suits you. The braces come in three different finishes, Polished, Hard black anodize (gloss), or Hard flat black anodize (flat denim).
Here's how the discounts will work. The first 50 to 100 riders will get their SuperBrace for $154.95. As the list gets larger, the price gets better. When 101 to 150 riders sign up, the price then goes down to $144.95. The biggest discount is when 151 riders or more sign up, then the price will go to $134.95. All orders will be shipped FREE in the USA.
This is a HUGE discount so tell all your fellow riders so everyone can get the best price possible! The part numbers that are valid in this group buy are as follows: 5183,5183B,5183D,5184B,5184D,5186,5186B,5186D.
Click the Group Buy button to place your order and SAVE BIG TIME!:banana

Tolstoy 16th November 2016 20:35

Thank you for this information!

oilly1 21st November 2016 13:45

Cool! I know one thing my bike will be sporting ere long...

sportsterpaul 21st November 2016 16:22

Liz, you'll like it, their product is superb. All three of my Sports have fork braces.

Bob F 21st November 2016 22:43

I'm fat and ride HARD. It made a difference on my scoot.

tvon 22nd November 2016 17:38

Wheres the group buy button?

nleco 22nd November 2016 20:06

I am interested. How exactly do we "sign up"?

looking at a 5184B - hard black anodize for my 2009 Iron.

oilly1 22nd November 2016 21:02

There will be a "Group Buy" button on their site from November 23rd to December 16th. We can sign up for it beginning tomorrow, wait and see how many others sign up for the maximum discount (or if one doesn't want to wait, go ahead and buy one at a pretty great discount as it stands), and prepare to be delighted. I believe that's it: got the one for my second bike picked out already. Paid full price last time, so this will be even better!

oilly1 23rd November 2016 16:27

Looks like there's eleven signed up so far, so BUMPing this thread. If anyone is waiting, now is the time to sign up: go to Superbrace's main page and hit the menu in the top left of the page, then click on "Harley Davidson Group Buy". You put your name and which model you want: it looks as if you don't need to put in payment details until after December 23rd, when the discount is over (after they get our numbers toted to determine the final price). I have to say I have been waiting for this!

dan2640 23rd November 2016 21:47

I'm signed up, it's going to be hard to wait until nearly Christmas just to pay. Well worth the discount though!

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