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Centennial Sportster 23rd November 2016 23:07

Lucky number #13!

oilly1 24th November 2016 05:46

Still at thirteen? Come on, you need one of these if you don't have one already, but you may not realize it until after you've got it.

MacSporty02 24th November 2016 07:09

I bought a Super Brace a few years ago with the same adds rigidity to the forks, you'll notice the difference right away, best investment so far for '02 XL1200C.

oilly1 25th November 2016 05:30

Bumpitty bump

Hippysmack 25th November 2016 05:37

I bought one on a previous group buy and I love it. To need a new one, I'd have to buy another Sports.....see that's where my money goes. Is that a butterfly?

oilly1 25th November 2016 05:47

At least it wasn't a squirrel. I DID get another Sportster, so I need another SuperBrace for it. I missed a prior group buy, so not going to miss this one!

oilly1 25th November 2016 16:36

Black Friday treat?

Turbo Sporty 48 25th November 2016 18:56

Put Me In
Need a new brace for the 48 converted to Roadster twin disc Mid-Glide.

oilly1 26th November 2016 16:02

Sixteen of us have signed up. We need thirty-four more to get this incredible discount on what is a great modification to our forks on ALL models.

tvon 27th November 2016 02:38

Im gunna sign up.. lets get some more!

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