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BrentmanII 7th March 2012 13:22

Edmonton and area....How many XLFORUM members?
Hey I was just thinking of how many Ironhead riders / XLFORUM members there is out there ...just in the Edmonton area.

Me.... I live in the sticks north of Redwater...about 1 hr. north of Edmonton.

Sometimes I ride to Ft Sask on a Monday night ( which is a nice 40 min. ride on my 76 Sportster....which is pretty much all me and my kidneys can handle ).

I end up at Tim Horton's ...but I don't park in the TH lot...I use the KFC/Taco Bell...because sometimes there can be over 200 bikes there!

I really enjoy seeing what other people have done to make their bike...THEIR BIKE !

It would be great to meet up with some of you people this 2012 riding season.


NI-STR 7th March 2012 13:54

You know I'm in Brent. Would be fun to gather the local XLF members in one spot. But I was thinking more like province wide since there really aren't that many of us. Meet some place central like Red Deer. That gives the guys from Edm. and Cal. a couple hours of seat time roughly. I can think of 6 members just off the top of my head 2 in Calgary, 2 central, you n' me N.central but I know there are more.

sunchild2071 7th March 2012 15:09

I'm out SW of Calmar, in Glen Park. I avoid the cities like the plague, however. Looking in the near future to turn our place to a rider friendly stop for whoever is out our way. Maybe once that is in place, might see you there, someday.

NI-STR 7th March 2012 23:42

Hey Sunchild. You were one of the guys I had in mind but couldn't remember exactly where you were at.

BrentmanII 9th March 2012 13:34

Ok so that's 3 so far.

I'm going to go the the swap meet on April 7...some friends of mine will have a table there.

It would be cool if we could meet up least it's a start.

If you guys aren't swap meet guys...just pick another spot and time.


sunchild2071 9th March 2012 14:06

Hoping to make it to the swap meet. If you check my resurrection thread, there's definitely a few items I'm gonna need!

mitch500 14th July 2013 13:13

I'm from Edmonton. I have 76 xlch 1000, I live downtown.

fozzy55 28th July 2013 11:57

Little late to the party but I'm in Edmonton myself. 2010 sportster iron. Im in the whyte ave area

NI-STR 28th July 2013 14:02

Hey Fozzy (and Mitch) welcome to the forum. I moved to Cowtown back in Oct. but looks like I'm coming back in a couple weeks. If the weather holds we might get a chance to meet up. Not sure if I will bring the bike up with me this late in the season but you never know how long the snow will hold off so I might try to get it up there. The weather is deff milder here and I will be back at least every couple of weeks.
I might have to get a second bike.:banana

dilligaff1956 19th July 2018 02:11

73 xlch. Still trying to get ot working. Had it 2 years. Got it to run on one jug only. Labor of love hate.

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