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Ireeman 5th December 2020 05:41

Umbilical Hernia surgery report
This just in:

Why do i feel like i just went gloves off with Zdeno Chara?

sportsterpaul 6th December 2020 02:18

Because in a state of alcoholic haze you just might have!!!

rokytnji 7th December 2020 00:57

After having a few < here. hold my beer >.

3rd one really hurts, You leak for days

Ireeman 7th December 2020 12:52

Moving around much better now. Sneazing was omfg! A little awesomeness leaked out of my eyes.

Steve9 7th December 2020 12:59

Hope you are wrapped-up tight again!

mikeLI_77 7th December 2020 13:32

I have the same issue right now but was told I don't have to fix it until I really start getting pain from it, so I have been holding off for now. Heal up.

Stairman 7th December 2020 13:46

I had one of those and I went out drinking and dancing that night. You must be some kind of wimp or girly boy. Man up.

Stairman 7th December 2020 13:55

Did they put mesh in? I have mesh in mine.

Ireeman 7th December 2020 15:55

No mesh, no meds ( allergic ) just whisky.

Saw bones just carved and sewed.

Ireeman 7th December 2020 15:57

The girdle however makes me very shapely.

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