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XL Ed 4th November 2019 19:56

2007 Yamaha VMax
Someone has offered to sell me one for what I feel is a decent price. As I said 2007, 4000 miles and $6000. Somebody talk some sense into me before I do something I might find awesome!

Maxeffort 4th November 2019 21:11

Did they ever fix the second gear issues on those bikes?

I've ridden them, (a friend had a 1989, same bike 85-08) it was fun for rolling burnouts, but handled poorly and heavy. Didn't stop that well. Blew second gear and he got rid of it.

The 2009 and up is a real beast at almost 700 lbs wet and 197 HP.

Nibelungen 4th November 2019 21:31

like stated above
muscular and cool... not behave very good on curves...

with 6k to pour in another bike i would buy instead a nimble thumper... but this is me...

Toejam503 4th November 2019 21:36

Low retail is $2800, average retail is $3700. $6000 ??? a lot too much if you ask me.

sportsterpaul 4th November 2019 23:43

Ed, way too much money, better choices to be made out there.

XL Ed 5th November 2019 03:02

Canadian dollars...

rejeanprimeau 5th November 2019 11:21

When you own a spotter every other bike become a dust collector.

XL Ed 5th November 2019 13:12

Ya I think I am going to pass. Timing is bad. I already have a bike I haven't finished and ridden (KZ 550). Plus I'm in the middle of a riding arena project that is dragging it's feet. And I just signèd a deal on a new truck that I haven't even taken delivery of yet.

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