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stikflote 15th November 2019 23:32

Derby cover
hi lads, can i ask a silly question which side of bike is the Derby Cover ??
don't think there's such a thing on my other bikes,


60Gunner 15th November 2019 23:35

Left. On the primary cover

RussW 16th November 2019 02:02

Look up a picture of a clutch cover on pre-'65 panhead or knucklehead and you will see that the cover resembled a Derby hat. Internet wisdom is that the resemblance started the nickname "Derby cover", which now is synonymous with "clutch cover".

harley506d 16th November 2019 09:57

Derby cover screws are T27 Torx if recall. Golden rule with Torx is to always try the next size up, just in case! The cover O ring can be re-used and you might need a few small blobs of blue Hylomar to help hold it in place in its groove.
Read this before you start.

mwXL 2006 16th November 2019 14:11

try this

RussW 16th November 2019 14:43

That Ebay cover shows the classic "Panhead Emergency Brake" damage that happens when you go down into a slide on the primary side! I still have one just like that in the garage from when I did.

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