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DEEP DIVER 16th November 2019 20:12

BMW reverse trike build
Now this is one nice build.

Maxeffort 16th November 2019 21:22


Originally Posted by DEEP DIVER (Post 5788779)

That’s cool!

The design is inspired by the pre-war cycle cars, of which I like too.

NLXL 16th November 2019 21:30

Wow, that's a real craftsman. Looks great. Not so sure about driving it though ;)
thnx for sharing!

sportsterpaul 16th November 2019 21:59

One sick ride, and very imaginative. I’d rock it in a heartbeat. Thanks for sharing!

Stairman 16th November 2019 22:10

I can really appreciate the work and love put into that. Really imaginative. I'd like to ride it.

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