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Desertfox 16th April 2005 16:19

My youngest boy wants a BMW 1200 . I told him God blessya. You definately won't go wrong with it. He likes my Sporty but wants a beemer. Good for him.

ed_in_az 16th April 2005 18:39

Yamaha's were my machine of choice until I jumped ship to HD. They make great bikes. I am now converted to HDs.:clap 3,000rpms down the highway is music to my ears on my Sporty, and I'm cruising in comfort on a gorgeous machine. I compared performance and pricing before I switched from a Virago 535 to an '03 883. 1/4 mile and price were similar to an 1100 V-Star, but the 883 was a BEAUTY and the Yamaha was PIG(not a HOG). I wanted slim and sexy and it was fat and huge. I could have saved money overall buying Japanese since I wouldn't have been able to FIND $2,000 in add-ons to buy for it.:laugh

RatBastard 16th April 2005 20:55

I feel a motorcycle choice is like chosing a condom. Get one that has the features want, your choice of styling, and the color of your preference. A true friend will respect you for your choices and understand it is a personal choice. Clowns, salesmen, and competitors will line up to tell you are wrong.


thunderpaw 17th April 2005 14:20


I wouldn't have been able to FIND $2,000 in add-ons to buy for it.
lol, isn't THAT the truth! It's a disease that I thought I would be naturally immune to (cheapskate)...but n-o-o-o-o! :frownthre


Barry Clark 17th April 2005 15:31

I actually disagree. You can most definitely find aftermarket parts for not Harley bikes. This was some of the research that I did before I purchased. In fact, the add-ons were rather numerous but not from as many manufacturers. Also, the price of them tended to be FAR more steep. Any thing you see for a Harely, tag at least 10%-20% on to the price for a Honda or whatever. I was one of those things where you may think that you are saving a buck by going import but as soon you start to modify it, you are way over what you may have spent for a Harley. The problem is that the brands of import bikes are numerous and no two are even remotely similar so parts for all of them can be difficult to get even at the dealer. So there is no guarantee that you can find what you are looking for unless you are riding a popular model. Honestly, I think you can find more current year models with different engine types in Honda than you can likely find in the entire history of Harley. That isn't neccesarily a good thing but it definitely lends itself to aftermarket parts availability.

Barry Clark 17th April 2005 15:38


Originally Posted by RatBastard
I feel a motorcycle choice is like chosing a condom. Get one that has the features want, your choice of styling, and the color of your preference.

You can even get a reservoir tip! :D

RatBastard 17th April 2005 20:11


Originally Posted by Barry Clark

:yikes A truly sick individual! That's why this is my favorite forum.

wabiker 18th April 2005 22:11

...I wanted a harley I bought a harley. Didnt look at another brand, never considered another brand. bought the largest displacement I could afford...
A bone stock stripped down basic black XLH, been a learning experience ever since.....

jag1 19th April 2005 13:14

My neighbor has a v-max 600. He keeps it in my pole barn during the winter. I look it over whenever I get a chance. It doesn't compare to a harley. Theres alot of plastichrome on it and everything just looks cheap. Not to mention you have to remove the front exhaust pipe to change the oil filter (what kind of crap is that). But, to each his own. I'll keep my Harley!

Big_Baazzoo 26th April 2005 04:19

My buddy is looking to buy a bike now, and checking all the brands. He's a big guy, and wants a big bike, but he's never ridden a "street" bike yet. He kept extolling the virtues of the "wanna-bee's" and was just assuming a harley would be too expensive...he never even looked at a H-D. The "wanna-bee's" are not cheap! and, I may have convinced him to just go to H-D, there are choices below $15,000. I think he watched too many "Orange county chopper" shows and thought all harleys cost $30,000. His Jaw dropped when I told him he could have a really hot sportster for way less than $10,000, including some aftermarket goodies.

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