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jade44V 26th April 2005 13:54

I started on a V-Star 650 (Yamaha), I didn't like it because it was a great big huge fat bike with a 650 engine and trying to haul that thing from lane to lane was exhausting. It looked pretty though, and then there's the rub; a lot of the "chrome" on it was actually plastic which pissed me off.

I agree you should get the bike you like and be proud of it. I liked the Kawasaki Vulcan Custom too, as far as the ride goes but nothing beats my Sporty!

XLFREAK 15th November 2005 03:36

a lot of people are getting the same if not more for there used harleys even 15 years old try finding a yamakasuki that will hold value like that.

Desertfox 15th November 2005 12:19

I have a buddy at work that just bought a V-Star Yamaha. Ostensibly because Harley's were too expensive (he says). When he pulls into work and parks next to me, I notice he sits on his V-Star for about five minutes , admiring my Sporty. I told him "It only costs a LITTLE more to go first class".

sawrecker 15th November 2005 14:28

yamaha doesn't make a 750 anymore.

TiBaal89 15th November 2005 15:07

haha I've got a guy at work who constantly tears apart Harley Touring bikes as overpriced piles. He wants a GoldWing. :roflblack

lefty 15th November 2005 15:22

cruiser, yes! - touring, I dunno. . .
:tour I'm a Harley fan (obviously, I own one). Never understood the metric Harley clones. Too much like poorly implemented, well, copies. On the other hand, I'm lusting for the Yamaha FJR 1300 sport tourer. A lot of bike for $13k, hard bags, trunk available, comfortable, 150 hp. Comfort at speed and the soul of a sportbike. The Japanese make some good scoots, just have no desire to consider their cruisers. Nobody even comes close to H-D on cruisers.

I . . . . need . . . . .more . . . . .bikes. . . .

2wheeltodd 15th November 2005 17:11

It seems to me like a lot of metric cruiser buyers think that HD is too overpriced to consider buying, but I think there has got to be a little buyers remorse. The reality is that there small price difference when you compare option for option, and I think the real hit is at re-sale. I had a Honda guy tell me a that I was riding "money in the bank" weather or not that is true tells me a lot about the way he thinks. When is the last time you saw someone riding a metric and thought "That bike is really going to hold its value"? I am not saying a the metrics are a bad choice, we all know they are really well made machines, the point I guess is buy what you want, and don't put other riders down for what the're riding. (Unless the're WANNABES). I have nothing but respect for someone who takes pride in their ride and does'nt care what the other guy thinks!

mavinwy 15th November 2005 17:23

I ran Yamaha Street bikes for many years and many miles (over 200,000 on 3 bikes). I still like the shaft drive I had on both the SECA Turbo and the Viragos.

But when I went to replace the last Virago I had, afther they had been discontinued, and all I could find was the v-star series...I was disappointed. I test drove them. They just did not handle the way the older/lighter ones did.

So I shopped around and ended up with a 2002 1200c (900 miles on it) because it felt "right".

Price was not the issue, I could have bought a fully loaded GoldWing or Beemer had I desired. The fact was...I went with what fit me.

If more people did that, I think a lot more people would be happier with their bikes and keep them longer rather than trading them every couple of years.

FWIW...My wife rides sportbikes. It is what is comfortable for her. I don't complain about her choice either.


FSZEKE302 15th November 2005 17:26

A little off subject, my wife and I went to Dollywood/Pidgeon Forge last weekend. Saw a number of different cruisers, lots of Metrics and Harleys. What I did notice is that there were literally hundreds of people wearing Harley gear, caps, hats, jackets, shirts, pins, etc. What I didn't see was ANY metric gear. I usually see some Honda Goldwing jackets at least, but this trip, nothing. I'm not dissing anyones bike, but I'm curious, If these people are so proud of their bikes why don't they show it. I'm proud to own my Sportster and I show it. :tour

BonRu 15th November 2005 17:51

My Honey bought a Yamaha 1100 V-Star last summer. He really wanted a Harley Softail, but wasn't sure he'd ride that much, and couldn't see spending that kind of money for something to sit in the garage. He saw the Yammy and it had a lot of the same great looks as the Harley Softail he was eyeballing, but was half the price. He added some extras to the Yammy, including louder pipes and rejetting, and took it home. He loves riding, and loves his Yamaha. He's had the opportunity to get a Harley, but he said he has no problem riding his Yamaha until it's old or he's tired of it, and then he'll get the Harley he wants, now that he knows he'll ride it. He couldn't care less what others think of his Yamaha - he's the most non-materialistic man I know. I can't say the same for me. I wanted a Harley. I'm just pure evil. ;)

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