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thefrenchowl 1st August 2021 14:13

1970 Harley-Davidson Streamliner
In 1970, "The Motorcycle Enthusiast" (the H-D magazine available for free at dealers or on free subscription if you bought a new Harley-Davidson) filled its November issue with 8 pages on the recent broken record... It's a huge format, so each page is 2 x scans...


thefrenchowl 1st August 2021 14:16

thefrenchowl 1st August 2021 14:19

thefrenchowl 1st August 2021 14:22


You can go and compare it to what survives now and see for yourselves the mess H-D made of that restoration...

Bye for now... Patrick

Steve9 1st August 2021 15:26

Thanks Patrick

Ferrous Head 1st August 2021 15:54


You can go and compare it to what survives now and see for yourselves the mess H-D made of that restoration...
So, where is this beast now ?

What's left of the original streamliner ?

thefrenchowl 1st August 2021 16:11

Gene, it's either at the Indianapolis Museum of Speed or at the H-D Museum...

Not the Riley engine, wrong exhausts and modified bodywork to suit, approximative paint work including period sponsors deleted and recent ones added...

Just search 1970 H-D streamliner to see the new shinny version, I won't put pics of it here meself...

To answer your previous query elsewhere, I think (not sure...) the nitro tank was part of (or in between) the upper cowl of (and) the engine, so gravity fed carburettor.

They started the attempts at Speed Week with the number 22, then stayed afterwards on the salt and affixed the #1 transfer in its place.


bustert 1st August 2021 18:25

hd was king for what is was for a long time.
i wish i could find the pic's of the dual bt sled that held sway till it took 3 turbo 750 engines to knock it off the pedestal.

Ferrous Head 1st August 2021 22:22

"Updating" would not surprise me if it was in HD's hands. They seem to have very little regard to the historic aspect of their bikes.

I can only presume they paid something for the use of the "Glory" achieved by the Streamliner but it seems to me like the whole attempt wasn't done by them but by others.

If Warner Riley owned the engine I would guess he kept it ?

I will never get to either of those museums now. But hysterical race bikes have always fascinated me.

I wondered about the gravity feed for a long time as if you look at where the carb bell mouth is, there's not much distance above it. Maybe just a header tank up there ?

GA_Ironhead 2nd August 2021 17:07

From the March 2005 American Motorcyclist.

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