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Hashish 17th August 2012 19:58

Here's mine next to my room mates LS1 swapped '71 Chevelle. My Trans Am is just out of the shot here

Monkey55 20th August 2012 22:53


Originally Posted by mexicutioner (Post 4104348)
I wasn't aware that a 55 Chevy was a muscle car anyways.

It all depends on how it was built. I'm not talking by the factory either.


Speedfreak 15th September 2012 04:19
A friend of mine and his 440 equipped 1957 Chrysler Saratoga and my Sporty

Fullcyc 2nd August 2014 12:34

Not sure if they ever considered this a muscle car but I've always like the 1958? Chevy's over the 55,56,or 57's...

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BluBeaSSt 6th August 2014 03:49

So much 'Merica in one pic lol

grancuda 6th August 2014 04:24

XL1200N in front of my '72 SWB Chevy

XL1200N & the Sprint 350SS in front of my '69 Road Runner

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