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bplinson 18th May 2006 21:17

Front Brake Pad Change - Bert's How I Did It
My HOW I DID it video which shows how I changed my front brake pads is now available in the downloads section here:

I created a small video which is 25 MB and a large video which is 115 MB. They are both the same video.

I am calling this a HOW I DID IT video and not a How To video because this was the first time that I performed this job and I made some mistakes but I think it can still be a valuable tool for those attempting this the first time.

Also my video camera was messing up so the video is jumpy in some places.

At the end of the video I forgot to tell about replacing the master brake cylinder cover so if you use this video to help you perform this job please remember to put the cover back on.

Also I did not mention that you should put rags over the gas tank and under the master brake cylinder when you press the brake pistons back into the caliper. This is important because brake fluid can damage paint. Luckily the brake fluid that I spilled on the tank did not hurt the paint on the tank.

Lucifer 18th May 2006 21:29

Don't know if I'll be able to watch the video because of modem a home but the rag around the master cylinder is a very good idea. Thanks Bert!
Ride to Live!

dave 8th June 2006 20:53

Nicely done Bert!

I'm surprised you didn't use any loctite on the caliper bolts. ?

bplinson 8th June 2006 20:56

Should I have? Does anyone else?

indyrednek 8th June 2006 20:57


Originally Posted by bplinson
Should I have? Does anyone else?

Not only no, but f:censor NO!

Next time done it would have pulled all the threads with it.

dave 8th June 2006 21:02


Originally Posted by indyrednek
Next time done it would have pulled all the threads with it.

I don't understand. Why would using loctite cause the threads to pull out?

avnsteve 8th June 2006 21:16

that's about what I was thinking...

also, did you address cleaning your pistons? once they've been exposed and get cruddy, they'll contaminate the caliper when you shove them back in, and possible ruin the seals which are glorified o-rings. Once those seals go bad, a person could experience brake lock up and or dragging I've had that problem on my goldwing.

indyrednek 8th June 2006 21:22

Loctite is used to lock something in place. It is not to be used on something that would be romoved on a regular basis.
The bolt is steel and the housing is aluminum.
The heat generated by braking would lock even the blue loctite in place.
I use antisieze on my threads.
I also work at an automotive dealership and have seen threads pulled from calipers and brackets at least once a week.

xena 8th June 2006 21:27

Good job on the video Bert, thanks for posting it up!

Kentucky 12th September 2006 22:31

If you look at or read the Sportster manual it tells you not to pull the caliper. I guess this was my first mistake. Not only did I pull them, I pushed the pistons back and never removed the master cylinder cover. Then, I cleaned the calipers with a mix of Simple Green, warm water and car wash soap. I also cleaned the pins, retainers and bolts. Now, everything looks brand new and the brakes work great. I don't use Loctite on anything when it comes to my brakes but I do use marine grade grease on the pins and threads...

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