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halfdrive 9th September 2011 18:27

Another poser sentenced
Well it seems people are still trying to pose as something they are not, even senior citizens. this man was a last minute standin for a speech given to a bunch of vietnam vets. Did he not think someone would notice..

Another aspect is he was not only posing as a Col. he was collecting vet benefits for PTSD when he never saw combat. His highest rank was a private first class during the korean conflict.

"Michael Delos Hamilton of Richlands was sentenced Wednesday in Greenville to 16 months in prison after having been convicted in April of wearing the medals and uniform of a highly decorated Marine colonel without authorization, making false statements to federal authorities and embezzling fraudulent disability payments totaling over $37,000 from the Department of Veterans Affairs. He was exposed as a phony in spring 2010, when he appeared before a gathering of veterans in Jacksonville in a colonel’s dress regalia, including combat decorations including two Navy Crosses, four Silver Stars and eight Purple Hearts pinned to his chest."

full story here.

Toejam503 24th September 2018 01:23

I was wondering how old you would be now if you were one of the last to go to Vietnam? Pres. Nixon said no more draftees would be going as of 6/28/1972 and they started pulling troops out 3/29/1973. I turned 18 in Jan 1974 and they were going to throw me in jail because I didn't show up at the Induction center until Mar. That was the year the gov. abolished the Draft, June 1974.
The reason I ask is I keep seeing guys being referred to as Vietnam Vets and they are either my age or 1 year younger or older? I'm 62.

Hippysmack 24th September 2018 01:36

My dad left Vietnam in 1970, 1st Cav. He would have been 68 this year.

jharback 24th September 2018 03:31

I was in Vietnam in 1968-1969 and I'm 68. Saigon fell in spring 1975 so I would think the youngest now would be 61?

jammantoo 24th September 2018 05:33

I am 60
I got out of High school in 76, The draft was over and they said I did not have to register. Figure that Saigon fell the year before. that means when the guys were available they would be 61, but that would be joining, not having finished training. So I figure you would have to be 62. or damn near it to be a vet of the conflict

Graywolf 24th September 2018 13:53

Saigon fell in 1975........... so maybe if you was young embassy guard or maybe aircrew on some of the transportation sent in to pull people out of there, but that is not really likely.

All US military pulled out in March of 1973. They moved us from Ton Sun Nhut to NKP Thailand the end of 1972. We still flew missions in Vietnam up until March of 1973, but no aircraft were left on the ground there unless they wouldn't fly.

Probably the first part of 1972 was the last military sent in PCS. The pull out was well on the way in 1972. Could have easily been some TDYs or replacements sent in right on until March of 1973.

I was on C-130s Hauling the last of the equipment and people out to the big bases where they could land the C-5 or 141s to bring it on back.

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