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Shark Doctor 14th July 2018 17:06

Lake Erie Ride Alums?
Any alums of the ten years we circumnavigated Lake Erie? Just wondering if any of us still ride and might have an interest in reuniting for another go at it?

debster 14th July 2018 18:18

Hi Jeff! Nice to see you on here. I'm still around, but have no passport or enhanced license to cross the border, so I can only meet up on the U.S. side. If I remember right, I think for the last run I just met some of the gang for lunch at Tony's.

skien 14th July 2018 23:15

Hi there old buddy nice hearing from ya. Thought ya were laying around the beach in Florida looking at the I would be in but same as the debster. My passport has to be renewed. I think It is about a month to six weeks to get one. But would look forward to ride again.

sportsterpaul 15th July 2018 06:19

Jeff, nice to see you post, I'm covered for crossing the border, and have ple nty of off time.

jharback 15th July 2018 07:58

Canada requires a passport now?

sportsterpaul 16th July 2018 03:07

No, you can enter Canada, but when you return to the States is when then fun begins.

bplinson 16th July 2018 03:32

I would be in depending on the days.

SteveK 16th July 2018 05:18

I'm up for it. Good to read you again SD!

XL Ed 16th July 2018 22:00

I'm in...10 is that 11 now?

bplinson 19th July 2018 22:08

Anyone thinking about dates? I am not able to from 23 September to 5 October. Any other time I should be good.

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