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Just an FYI,
Aaron is correct in that we used to use Dan Norlln to do our headwork but we now do all of our headwork in house.

The headwork that NRHS is now doing is producing much better results that we have seen in the past.

90 hp on a 1200 using with stage 2 light 1200 heads, stock 9.7:1 pistons and very mild cams is one example. The HD dealership that installed the kit and dynoed the bike was so impressed that I have received 2 more sets of heads from them recently!! Hammers very expensive stage 3 with more expensive headwork, much higher compression, and huge cams on Sportsters is only making around 100 hp. And if you want 100 hp NRHS is the place to get that as well. It doesn't take a "special" piston to do it either.

Just recently we have done 2 twin cams. The first one was a a 97" with stage 2 headwork and S&S 510G cams (these are really mild cams BTW). This is a build I have done a bunch of times with the old headwork and the best I had seen was 92 hp. Well we just got the dyno sheet back after it was tuned at High Country HD and it pulled 97 hp and 110 ft lbs of torque!!

Then I just sent off a 107" kit along with stage 2 headwork and 585 cams and the customer reported back to me that he dynoed at 113 hp and 120 ft lbs of torque.

I will be happy to provide these customers phone numbers so you can ask them yourself about the quality of our headwork. They have told me they would be more than happy to speak with customers who have questions.

Don't believe all the hype that our competitor is spewing all over the forum. Lots of pictures, facts and figures does not make even 1 hp. It's funny how I do not feel the need to compare ourselves to our competitor yet that seems to be all that ASW racing does. Wonder why that is? NRHS is still the best and I will be happy to put our headwork up against anybody at any time! . In fact I will be doing that in just a few weeks at Bonneville.

Amd once I get back from Bonneville stay tuned for some results of what we can do using one of my fuel injected Sportsters.

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