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Default Got a Sick Piggy. Only Running on Choke and Restarts on Reserve?

Hi All, bought a 93 Sportster back in May that had been sitting for at least a decade and been trying to get her running reliably since. Tried to get her running a few weeks ago to no success, inspected the carb found a broken accelerator pump lever and a cracked carb seal, replaced those along with both intake flanges and gaskets today. She now starts but will only run with the choke out. If I push the choke in she dies. Interestingly if I want to restart the bike again immediately I need to have the choke out but also the reserve on. After it starts I can switch the reserve off with no issue but need to continue to have the choke out for it to run. It I keep the reserve off and choke out while trying to restart I need to wait about a minute between attempts for it to start, but as started it will restart immediately in the reserve on and choke out. There is also a very loud banging sound from the exhaust. Any idea what the issue could be? I also made sure to clean the jets while I had everything apart, checked the float and made sure the air/fuel screw was backed out 1 and 3/4 turns. Could the idle need adjusting? Any help would be appreciated, thanks all!
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