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Okay, update after tonight:

First thing I did was check if it was still like trying to kick start a peterbuilt...You betcha. So I popped all the covers off the pushrods and all were just lightly lubed except the pushrod closest to the oil bag... it was full. Drained it, cleaned up and kicked it through a couple times (all with plugs out) and it didn't do it anymore, so put all tins back on.

Secondly, kicked it through a few hundred times, plugs out, and watched to make sure the oil was returning to the oil bag, as I have clear braided lines.

SUCCESS. Put plugs back in and although it is still a bear, it is a manageable one, as it always has been!

On to my next problem though.. before I put the plugs back in, I put a dash of 2-stroke oil down the cylinders; hooked everything back up and began to kick..... Gas was off but there was plenty of gas going to the carb, as I could see the line was full all the way to the gas filter. I was able to get a couple smokey coughs through the carb, but after the 5th or 6th kick through on compression, no dice. I timed it recently and set the points, but could my magneto timing be off? Or perhaps my accelerator pump not pumping any gas to the carb?

From one problem to the next... but thank you for the help!
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