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It is not so simple - and readers should be aware of possible problems.

Up thru 1990, the Turn Signal design uses a two-wire Can Flasher in the headlight. You can replace that with the newer style LED Can Flasher - but the Indicator bulb is not likely to work with the LED TS bulbs.

The Sportsterpedia has a wiring diagram for 1986-1990 conversion to LEDs.

The wiring for the Turn Signal Cancellers (implemented on the 1991-later bikes) does not include a single point of flashing to implement these two-wire LED can flashers. It is not a simple matter to remove the Turn Signal Canceller & replace it with an LED Can Flasher. To eliminate the TS Canceller requires other wiring changes.

On the other hand, for models from 1991 thru 2006, when you replace the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs, the TS Canceller fails to flash, but it does produce power out to the bulbs (keeping the bulb lit but not blinking). It would be possible to insert, inline, one of these LED Can Flashers into each output line from the TS Canceller. Even though the TS Canceller is failing to operate as it is designed, because it outputs power on the line to light the TS bulb, these LED Can Flashers (one on each side) could create a flashing TS.

It's not a proper design (it is based on the TS Canceller failing to work), but I suppose you could do it. Another result would be that the 4-way flashers would not be synchronized, but each side would flash independently.

The Load Resistors are a more proper design and have very little chance of failing in the future.

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