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Here's the Sportsterpedia section on Voltage Draw:

If you simply put your meter on DC-AMPS, and use it to jump across the Maxi-Fuse socket (instead of installing the Maxi-Fuse), the meter will now function as the fuse... You should be able to read in AMPs (Milli-Amps Likely) how much current is being drawn by whatever is still connected to the battery...

Then, you can continue to disconnect devices until you see the current change to know what connectors/devices are drawing the current...

Every connection has the potential for corrosion to degrade the voltage across that junction... If there is excessive corrosion it is possible for there to be a short to a near-by ground pin in that connector (it doesn't happen often, but if you ride in wet weather, it is a possibility)...

Keyswitches are also known to sometimes have low grade shorts...

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