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Just a quick note about the dash# & letter after the main part numbers - Hippysmack may have already addressed this somewhere
in the SP but I'll say it here anyway...

Dash numbers usually indicated the first year of use on SOME MODEL of HD - Not necessarily the first year on the Sportster,
even though it may now be used on a Sportster model. It might have originally been used on an FXR or even FLH model
when it was first assigned a number.

Upgraded dash# letters, like -00A or -00B or -00C, may indicate a succession of superceding parts, where the
highest lettered part# is retrofitted to earlier models that previously used a lower letter after the dash#.
BUT - It may also be that the later lettered parts are truly only compatible on a later model Sportster,
with the previous lettered dash# still available for earlier models (or obsoleted and not available at all even
though the new lettered part is not retrofittable).

The online version of the Parts Catalogs (for earlier model Sportsters) were often 2018 versions of those catalogs,
showing the most recent part#'s (and dash# letter) that are available for the part in question, listing it for previous
models where it was the retrofitted part now available.

I'll reiterate the fact that casting numbers are not the same as part numbers and we know for sure the same
casting number is used even when the boring or final machining is different for different models. Those will have
the same casting number, but different part numbers, or dash # or maybe only different lettered upgrade numbers.

Hippysmack already mentioned that some assemblies never listed the individual parts that were included. Sometimes,
in later model parts catalogs, they began listing some individual parts of those assemblies, but it's hard to say whether
those same parts were used on the previous assemblies where the individual parts were not identified.

And, he mentioned that the dash# may have been assigned at the end of a model year (like -02) as
a running upgrade but was never included in any parts catalogs for the 2002 models, but showed up
for the first time in the following year's parts catalog (ie., 2003).

This is what makes it tricky to describe the exact application of these dash# parts and
especially where there are multiple lettered upgrades.

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