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I responded with the above without reading all the previous responces.

Now that I've read the mentions of the mechanics lean that is another good possibility. I did this once on a car that was given to me. I'm not a mechanic, this was the only choice I was given by the DMV when I asked them about it.

The neat thing about this was it cleared all of the back DMV reg. fees so I didn't have to pay any!

The total time it took was 90 days if my memory serves me. I just had to fill out a statement of facts and then send a certified letter to each of the previous owners (DMV gave me the list) stating that I stored the car and the storage bill was $$$. If any of them wanted to make a claim on it they would have to pay me the stated $$$. Of course this amount was made up by me and was more than the car was worth.

You might want to check with your local DMV about this .....

All of the certified letters came back to me undelivered. I then brought the unopened letters with me to DMV where they started the paperwork for my new reg.
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