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When verifying whether or not the fwd controls fit a 1979 Ironhead, the manufacture will give fitting information for the bike as manufactured for that year.

Since the 1979 was manufactured with a Siamese twin exhaust system, that most users promptly replaced by dual pipes on the right side, one can really never know whether the manufacturer even looks at fitment for an altered 79.

Here’s an example:

JP Cycles says it will not fit a 1979 but it will fit a 1978. So one would think that if you have installed dual pipes on the right side of your 79, it would fit.

But again that’s just a guess on my part.

Just another reason why does 79 Ironhead sometimes is referred to as the red-headed step child of the sportster family.

I outa know. I’m restoring two 79’s. One of them is complete enough for me to ride. The second one is getting there.
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