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Default Mystery clutch / trans problem.

1993 XLH 1200 with only 16,000 miles on the clock.
Riding home from work I was just changing gear and accelerating from about 10mph and.. no drive! This has happened to me once before when the belt snapped but this time the clutch cable had developed excessive slack at the lever and of course I had no tools with me so I couldn't readjust it.
I initially assumed the cable must have broken at the clutch end but when I removed the primary and checked it over it was good. It has a bolt on light clutch device (not the replacement ramp) fitted by the previous owner but that looked good too.
I put everything back together and adjusted the clutch as per the service manual but it won't change gear. The lever clicks through the gears but there's no actual engagement. There was no debris when I drained the oil either and the parts of the shift mechanism I can see still have their springs.

I checked the threads on this forum and I thought it might be the start of the dreaded grenade plate dying so I took it all apart again and fitted an extra plate kit from Energy One. Mind you, the original plates were perfect as was the spring plate. Once back together still no gear engagement. Any ideas? I'm worried that I'm thinking it's a clutch problem when it might be a transmission problem. What would have caused the clutch cable to lose tension like that? I wasn't doing anything outrageous, just negotiating a quiet country road. (Honestly officer...!)
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