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Default Chopper vs Custom, Son vs Father

My dad has never been mechanically inclined. He can do well more than a RUBer, or even probably most new riders in general but wasn't known as a wrench among his circle.

We are very similar people, usually agree but when our philosophy's differ it's always a custom vs chopper thing.

He'd rather have a whole new part than fix an old one. I think most new parts are garbage, and always try to work with what we have.

Now if he was in his 40's or even 50's there would never be any issues. But I truly believe getting him on the street will add a decade to his life (just wrenching with me he's lost weight, and gained energy) so sometimes I do get upset. If we wait for a new everything we'd never get half as close as we are.

I was raised right, I tend to keep it to myself if I disagree, but he knows me so dmn well he picks up on it.

Idk, bad dreams and slow start this morning are leaving me in my own head and ig I'm just trying to escape.

Where do you guys sit on the subject. Say ..... idk, a cable is looking crappy. Do you look for a brand new cable and housing, or do you replace the inner cable, or do you let her ride until it snaps? Or. ..... another more made up example, ...... idk a fender breaks somehow. Do you pull out the Sawzall or jump or start shopping (assume it still deflects water enough not to be an issue)

Idk, like I felt bad the other day. It seems no-one makes his throttle cable any more. I searched j&p, s&s, Amazon, ebay, and Dennis kirk. Anything we bought was going to be modified anyway, so I told him we should grab the inner wire to install eventually and work with what we had for now. He disagreed at first, and I accepted it but he could tell I was a bit peeved; and that bothered him.

But yesterday, I showed him how well the mod worked and he changed his mind. I wasn't trying to convince him, but I already had a hole in the aircleaner so I want hurting anything but a washer testing it out.

Idk, ig I just still have some respect to earn. We never fight or anything, but we can it it bothers eachother when we're not on the same page.
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