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yes, you will grow to like it both on your butt and visually with your eyes. I have the Mustang wide vintage and I went through this same thing, with people telling me I was just OCD, or getting totally frustrated with me and saying "well, put your old hd seat back on" and sit on a board more or less, defeating the purpose of my investment in the mustang.
I don't really pay any attention to it now, looks wise, and when I do I immediately think of how great the seat feels on my butt or another way to say it---doesn't feel on my butt. And a seat should not be reminding you that it is there, we want to ride, right?
Hope that helps you, any change will have pluses and minuses, but I think you have made a very positive one choosing your seat. Hope you enjoy the ride on it, I know your butt will.
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