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Originally Posted by iNSaNeSHaNe View Post
I'm sure there is somewhere out your way that has a knurler.

I had one in the shop that was basically a set of rollers with a knurling wheel above them made like a giant C clamp. We did piston skirts mostly but would do seat posts and other stuff as well.

Ill bet some old geezzzer has one in his shop.
You just need to find a place that does old stuff.
Ya you're probably right, I'll dig around

Originally Posted by Iron Mike View Post
FWIW I have been running a cut in half set of K&N bars with no knurling for a very long time with no issues. One thing I was sure to do though is not have any portion of the bend in the bars entering the clamp. Straight sections only in the clamp.
My $.02
I figured the guy who ran these must have done the same, I know I'd feel better with some knurls though

Originally Posted by IvanIron View Post
Oh man many compliments. This ride is awesome. This white is awesome too. Your story is a story of love :applauso
Thanks, I love it. I've got a pile of parts (front brake stuff, new wiring harness, steel & kevlar clutch plates, heavy duty worm gear etc) all ready to go on the bike which I hope gets her road worthy but I won't get a chance to work on her for several weeks, it's killing me.
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